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Colorado Department of Corrections implements measures to counter drugs in inmate mail

13 Dec 2023, Jail News, by

The Colorado Department of Corrections has adopted a digital mail program as a response to the increasing trend of drug-soaked mail.

Colorado Department of Corrections implements measures to counter drugs in inmate mail - Inmate Lookup

A woman in Colorado is facing serious charges after allegedly saturating a letter with narcotics and mailing it to a man held at Weld County jail overseen by the Colorado Department of Corrections. According to Weld County Sheriff’s Capt. Matt Turner, the suspicious mail caught the attention of law enforcement back in April during the sorting process.

Capt. Turner explained that the unusual appearance of the mail prompted further investigation. He noted that the paper seemed discolored, not typical of regular white paper, and had the texture of being wet and then dried.

Upon testing, court documents revealed that the paper, cleverly disguised as a love letter, contained diethylcathinone, a controlled substance classified under Schedule IV.

Monica Moreno was apprehended this month in the jail lobby after records indicated that she returned to visit Danny Marceleno, the intended recipient of the alleged drug-laden mail. According to Turner, Marceleno was slated for transfer to the Department of Corrections (DOC), and the individuals involved aimed to exploit this situation by having the mail sent to them, allowing them to sell it for monetary gain.

A representative for the Colorado Department of Corrections said that they became aware of this pattern well in advance of the epidemic and have subsequently witnessed a rise in the problem. To address the problem, the department has implemented a digital mail program, scanning incoming mail and providing it to inmates in electronic format or reprinting it on paper.

Additionally, they have introduced enhanced equipment capable of identifying irregularities in the mail and flagging them for further scrutiny.

In Weld County, Turner declined to provide further details but mentioned that additional technology would be implemented at the jail to prevent this kind of activity in the near future. He said that soon, there would be technology in the jail to ensure that the original piece of mail does not reach the inmate’s hand, but they would still receive the content. He also mentioned that they would also be exploring additional technology to aid in the detection of drugs through various methods.

Turner emphasized that these measures are essential for the safety of everyone within the prison system, highlighting the responsibility to protect those in custody. He emphasized the need for proactive steps to prevent potential harm or fatalities within the facility.