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With more than 1,799,965 inmates as of now imprisoned in the US, hunting down one specific inmate is an intense assignment. Over that, each state keeps up its different inmate database. This makes the pursuit significantly more troublesome in the event that you are ignorant of the condition of detainment.

In the event that you are searching for somebody who is at present serving time in jail, at that point you have gone to the perfect place.

Utilizing our site you will have the capacity to spare a great deal of time of experiencing different locales to discover the inmate data. We give inmate seek office crosswise over 18000 correctional facilities and penitentiaries in the USA.

You should simply enter essential data about the inmate like First name, Last name, Date of Birth, Age and Sex. In light of these information we will have the capacity to find the whereabouts of the inmate.

We additionally give guidelines on the best way to contact the inmate, send cash/mail and appearance data.

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How to lookup someone in prison or jail

How to lookup
someone in prison / jail

Finding an inmate isn't a simple assignment. Because of headway in innovation, the vast majority of the inmate records are accessible on the web and available to people in general. In any case, the vast majority of the inmate records are scattered and one needs to experience different government and private sites to discover it.

For instance, if the inmate is as of now serving their opportunity in a Government Prison, at that point one should query data in Administrative BOP database. In any case, if an inmate is imprisoned in a state jail, one needs to look through the bureau of amendments site of that specific state. In the event that the inmate is as of now in a police imprison, at that point one needs to check the inmate list page of that specific police division imprison.

The objective of is to give a solitary stage to inmate look. Regardless of whether you are looking data on a government inmate or state jail inmate, one can straightforwardly look through the data on our site. Be that as it may, in order to lead an effective lookup, one must give the accompanying data:

Step 1

Search for Jail

Search for Jail/Prison

Step 2

Visit Jail Website

Visit Jail/Prison website through the link provided on our website

Step 3

Search For Inmate

Search for Inmate by their personal informations

Note: Please provide as accurate information as possible. Despite the fact that not compulsory but rather, the more accurate data you give, the more precise results would be.

Our website currently provides information on inmates held in: County Jail, City Jail, State Prison, Police Department Jail, Military Prisons, State Prison Administration, US Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA), Re-entry & Treatment Facility, Regional Facility, Private Facility, Federal BOP Reentry & Treatment Facility, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP), County Jail Administration, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Administration, US Immigration & Customs Enforcement Administration, City Jail Administration, Immigration Detention Facility.

Information for Prison/Jail
provided through Inmate Lookup

The main goal of our inmate lookup website is that we provide inmate details as well as ways on how people can contact their inmates. They can get extensive information from our inmate lookup website.

Jail/Prison Name


Jail/Prison Address


Jail/Prison Contact Number

Contact Number

Jail/Prison Fax Number

Fax Number

Mailing Address


Send Mail/Money to Inmates

Send Mail/Money
to Inmates

Rules & Information for Visitation

Rules & Information
for Visitation

Dividing Directions for Jails/Prisons

Driving Directions
for all Jails/Prisons

With all these details available at your disposal, one can easily contact and reach out their inmate in their respective jails using our inmate lookup portal.

With more than 17610 correctional facilities/jail in our database, we are one of the biggest and most updated jail data index. For any inquiries and questions one can connect with the help group at [email protected]

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