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Sedgwick County Jail Inmate Search & Jail Roster Information

Sedgwick County Jail, also known as Sedgwick County Detention Facility, is located in Wichita, Kansas. It’s managed and operated by Sedgwick County Detention Bureau which is the main institution of the criminal justice system in Sedgwick County. The Bureau is responsible for the main facility located at 141 W. Elm. To meet the needs of Sedgwick County, inmates are currently housed in five other counties across the state, due to overcrowding.

Sedgwick County Jail is housing at times over 1,500 inmates. The Sedgwick County Jail books inmates for all municipalities in Sedgwick County as well as Federal inmates, Parole Violators, and newly arrested persons on misdemeanor and felony charges.

Sedgwick County Jail Inmate Search & Jail Roster Information

Sedgwick County Detention Facility

Sedgwick County Detention Facility

Jail Name

Sedgwick County Detention Facility

Sedgwick County Detention Facility County Jail

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Sedgwick County Detention Facility Address


141 West Elm Street, Wichita, KS, 67203

Sedgwick County Detention Facility Contact Number

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Wichita Zip Postal Code

Zip/Postal Code


Sedgwick County Detention Facility Kansas


Sedgwick County


Sedgwick County

Sedgwick County Detention Facility Inmate Search

Inmate Search

About Sedgwick County Jail

Sedgwick County Jail Inmate Search

Sedgwick County Sheriff’s database contains public record information on persons currently in custody. The information contained in the website is updated regularly; however, the information found herein may not reflect a person’s actual current location or other information which can change rapidly.

This information is not criminal history and should not be treated as such. Unless stated otherwise, all individuals on this site are innocent of crimes unless they have been convicted in a court of law. No representation is made as to the guilt or innocence of said persons by referencing in this database.

To find a inmate at Sedgwick County Jail click here.

Sedgwick County Jail Inmate Visitation & Guidelines

On-site Visitation Schedule:

Monday – Friday from 1 to 5:30 PM and 7 to 9 PM

Each inmate is allowed one hour of free on-site visitation per week. Additional on-site visits can be done, but will be charged at the same rate as remote visitation. All visits are held at the Sedgwick County Adult Detention Facility located at 141 W Elm. All visits will be video visits and must be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance. The first time a remote visitation user registers, they must be approved by Detention staff. This is only done Monday – Friday. An adult must accompany anyone under the age of 18. Visitors must produce a valid government issued ID such as: Driver’s License (DL), state ID card, passport or Military ID for identity verification. Children twelve (12) years of age or older must show a school ID or birth certificate. Follow the link below for more information on using video visitation.

The dress code for visitors is as follows:

  • No Bare shoulders
  • No low cut shirts
  • No Shirts showing stomach
  • No Short skirts and/or short shorts
  • No See through clothing

If a visitor is disruptive or not properly dressed, visitation may be stopped or refused.

Remote Visitation Hours:

Seven days a week from 9 AM – 10 PM.

For video visitation rules at Sedgwick County Jail you can use Securus online app.

How to bond out someone from Sedgwick County Jail

The bond amounts shown are for the charge listed on the same line. The computer system requires a dollar amount to be listed; because of this the line may say $0.00. $0.00 will appear in the bond amount column when the following conditions exist:

  • $0.00 will be listed when an inmate is committed to the facility and no bond is allowed.
  • $0.00 will be listed when a judge has order that no bond be allowed.
  • $0.00 will be listed when multiple charges are booked on one case number.

To determine the total amount of bond for an inmate, simply add the dollar amount shown in the “Bond Amount” column.

Some inmates are not allowed bond because of their charges or because they are committed to the facility to serve a sentence imposed by the courts.

Inmates booked on State Arrest and Detain Orders and State Parole Violations are not bondable.

Inmates booked on Juvenile Holds and Warrants are not bondable.

Inmates convicted and are awaiting Transport Orders to the Kansas Department of Corrections are not bondable.

Inmates that are bondable fall into three categories:

Cash only bonds

Any bond may be posted in cash, however there are some charges that the courts have set as cash only bonds. Examples of these charges are child support and bonds that are set as cash only by a judge. Inmates with these charges require that the bond be paid in cash. Personal or business checks will not be accepted. Cash bonds that total more than $10,000.01 will require the person posting the bond to have photo identification and to complete a reporting form for the Internal Revenue Service, which will provided. The court receiving the cash bond will determine the final disposition of the cash posted as bond. The Sedgwick County sheriff’s Office cannot refund cash bonds once they are posted. When a person posts a cash bond the receipt will be made out as from the person who is providing the cash, with the inmate name listed as who the money is for.

Own Recognizance (OR)

Inmates that meet the specified requirement of the controlling court may qualify for OR bonds. The qualified inmates will be allowed to sign a bond that states that they agree to report to court on the stated date and time.
OR Bond guidelines as set by the courts:

  • The person must be a resident of the metro area; Sedgwick, Harvey, Butler, Sumner, Reno or Kingman counties. The booking sergeant may, after review of the charges and circumstances, approve an OR bond for a Kansas resident living outside of the metro area. Persons living outside the states of Kansas do not qualify for an OR bond except on the authority of a judge for the court having jurisdiction in the case.
  • Persons booked as a John or Jane Doe are ineligible to be given an OR bond.
  • Those arrested on driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be eligible for an OR bond until either someone arrives to pick him/her up that is not under the influence or the booking sergeant feels that the person is able to function on their own. The sergeant may use up to a four hour observation period before authorizing an OR bond depending on the person’s behavior. There are no fees or cost related to the release.

Professional Surety

Inmates that are listed as Professional Surety bonds have two options. The inmate many post bond through a Bail Bondsman or post the full amount of the bond in cash. Bail bonding companies typically require a fee to be paid. The contract between the bonding company and the inmate is a civil matter and the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office cannot refund fees charged or reduce the fees charged by any company. The bonding companies are listed in the local telephone directory under “Bail Bonds”.

Domestic Violence – Inmates held on domestic violence charges must remain in custody for a court ordered cooling off period before they bond. Each municipality has different time periods that is required and bond amounts. Inmates booked on violations of domestic violations bonds and protection from abuse orders will be required to post bond.

Out-of-State Warrants – Inmates booked on Out-of-State Warrants will not be allowed to post bond until an 18th Judicial District Court Judge sets a bond.

Sedgwick County Jail Physical Address

Sedgwick County Jail
141 West Elm Street,
Wichita, KS, 67203

Sedgwick County Jail Phone Number

Phone: 316-383-7205

Sedgwick County Jail Inmate Mailing Address(es)

All inmate personal mail should be addressed to:

Inmate name and ID #
C/O Securus Digital Mail Center – Sedgwick County
PO BOX 1194
Lebanon, MO 65536

To find inmate ID Number click here. All Inmate numbers are also called Name ID

All legal mail will still be sent to Inmate Name, 141 W Elm, Wichita KS 67203.

Paperback books from the publisher will be sent to; Inmate Name, 141 W. Elm, Wichita KS 67203.

Friends and family may email inmates. To do so please visit and create an account. All emails cost .50 cents to send. Inmates will read emails at no cost. If they respond to emails it will cost .50 cents.

All mail must be properly addressed with identification information to clearly identify the inmate in custody. Mail will be returned to sender if information is insufficient to reasonably determine the identity of the inmate for whom it is intended.

All letters must have a return address on the outside of the envelope.

Letters to more than one inmate in a single envelope will be returned to sender.

If you send pictures or drawings they will be scanned and sent electronically to inmates. If you are wanting to have the picture or drawing back, you must send a self addressed stamped envelope in with the letter so they can be returned to you. All mail that is scanned will be destroyed after 60 days.

Inmates housed in the Sedgwick County Jail are prohibited from writing to each other unless writing family members and the inmate must receive prior approval. Letters containing inmate to inmate mail will be returned. If it is deemed that inmates are attempting to circumvent this mail policy, they may lose privileges.

Cashier’s checks, cash and money orders are not accepted through the mail. Mail containing these items will be returned to sender.

Mail addressed to inmates who are no longer in custody will be stamped “Return to Sender, Inmate No Longer in Custody” and returned.

Mail containing unacceptable items, sexually explicit content/drawings in letters or contraband will be returned with a note of explanation.

Privileged mail (legal mail) must come from the following persons: licensed attorney, judges and clerks of any federal, state or local court, the director of the state department of corrections and his/her staff, the President, Vice-President, and Attorney General of the United states, The Governor, Lt. Governor, and Attorney General of any state, any member of the state legislature and any parole board member and must have official markings on the outside of the envelope and will be opened in the presence of the inmate and checked for contraband but will not be censored. Any mail otherwise designated “privileged” loses the status if it arrives via an intermediary.

Publications in paperback form (e.g. books, magazines, newspapers, newsletters) are permitted provided: They are mailed directly from the publisher or merchant and they do not include nudity/partial nudity, sexually explicit content, obscenity or subversive material.

Packages mailed to inmates will not be accepted, but will be returned to sender unopened.

All non-privileged mail will be opened and checked for contraband prior to delivery to inmate.

Items that are impossible to inspect without destruction will be returned to sender (glued items, greeting cards).

Contraband items listed below will not be accepted and will be returned to sender.

Items that are unacceptable will not be separated or thrown out. The entire envelope with its original contents will be returned to sender. Packages containing multiple books will be returned to sender if contents include: hardback books, spiral notebooks, plastic disks, art supplies etc.

The volume of printed material (including newspaper and magazine clippings) is limited to what is included in a first class letter, not exceeding one ounce in total weight.

How to Call an Inmate at Sedgwick County Jail

Sedgwick County Jail inmates are not allowed to have cellphones and they can’t receive inbound calls. They can make out-going calls during approved hours.

All out-going inmate telephone calls are subject to monitoring and recording by law enforcement and may be used as evidence. Inmate calls are either prepay through the inmate’s phone account or collect to the caller. A supervisor at the facility will take emergency incoming telephone calls for inmates. If an emergency is determined to exist, the inmate will be informed and will return the telephone call via the inmate phone services to the caller. If a member of the inmate’s family passes away, the facility chaplain will make the notification after verification of the death.

How to Send Money to Inmates at Sedgwick County Jail

Money may be placed on an inmate’s account by placing cash or bank credit or debit card into the kiosk located in the lobby of the jail. Kiosks are available 24 hours a day and the funds are immediately available for use by the inmate. Money may also be placed onto an inmate’s account from a computer by going online to and using a bank debit card or credit card. Commissary for inmates may be purchased as well from the website.

A minimum transaction fee of $3.25 will be charged in the lobby for cash transactions by the kiosk company vendor, CBM. Credit or debit card transactions in the lobby or online will incur a $3.25 or 10% fee, whichever is greater.

Money placed in the account of an inmate who is located in an out-of-county facility will be held until that inmate returns from out-of-county; at which time the money will be added to the inmate’s account. Please see the inmates housed out of county section below for more information.

Personal clothing, such as socks and underwear are available to the inmate for purchase and may not be brought in for an inmate.

Sedgwick County Jail Medical & Dental Program

Each inmate will be provided medical care from the time of admission throughout their period of incarceration. Inmates who are seen by medical staff may be charged a $5.00 co-pay fee. No inmate will be denied medical care because of an inability to pay. Inmates, who are given a prescription by medical staff, may be charged a fee for that prescription. No inmate will be denied prescription drugs because of inability to pay.

Sedgwick County Jail Inmate Programs

The SCORE Program is for any inmate who expects to be released to our local community and needs assistance with gaining access to essential services in order to enable them to have a successful return to the community. These community services will be received either while in custody or once they are released.

State Identification Card

There are many community services which require a state identification card for citizens to participate. For a minimal fee of twenty-five cents (25¢) any individual who has previously been in the custody of the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office may come to the facility and request a Rap Sheet. This fee can be waived in some cases. The Rap Sheet aids in getting a state ID from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Birth Certificate

Individuals who are in need of a copy of their birth certificate can receive assistance in obtaining it through the SCORE Program. A process is in place and available for inmates to utilize. As different states have different criteria, the inmate may need to contact family to assist in the document gathering.

Social Security Card

Social Security cards are required in order to gain employment and access some community services. This program is still being developed at this time as we work with the local Social Security Office to finalize a process.

Homeless Shelter

The SCORE Team has information on homeless shelters throughout the Wichita area. Individuals in need are able to contact SCORE to assist with gaining acceptance into a homeless shelter. There are also programs within the community that offer housing for individuals that qualify to participate in the program. Here is a listing of Shelter Resources in the community.

Food Pantry

There are many food pantries in the Wichita area. Some community partners are able to provide hot meals to those in need. The SCORE Team has been able to compile a list of Food Resources.

Medical/Mental Health Services

There are many places around Wichita where one can receive discounted medical and mental health services. Individuals who need non-emergency medical/mental health attention upon release can be given information to aid in finding those services. Please view the Health Services page for resources.

Job Search

Inmates in the housing units have the ability to search for available jobs around the country by using Jobview on the inmate kiosks. They can write down the job listing information and contact SCORE. In the SCORE Office there are computers available for inmates to apply for the job listings as they get close to their release date. These computers are also used to enroll in where inmates are able to learn skills such as resume building, application skills, interview skills, and much more. Therefore, inmates are able to actively prepare for and look for employment while in custody.

Kitchen Training Program

Our current food services vendor has training materials they are currently using to familiarize all kitchen inmate workers with safe food handling practices. Most of this is on the job training. More training is done in a classroom setting with testing and a certificate for those who complete the program. This program includes personal hygiene, time & temperature control, stock rotation practice & theory, and environmental sanitation. Inmates will be able to use this training certificate and the skills they gain to apply for jobs in the food service industry.

Careers at Sedgwick County Jail

If you are interested in joining Sedgwick County Jail team, click here to check for opened positions.

General Visiting and Contacting Information

We provide detailed visiting and contact information for Sedgwick County Detention Facility. If you are have completed a Sedgwick County Detention Facility inmate search and have located an inmate, the information on this page will help you to stay in contact. We help you send money to jail, send & receive text messages, and provide the address for in-person visits.

Sending Money

Inmates who are currently imprisoned in Sedgwick County Detention Facility can receive money into their commissary account via money order, check or cash. Inmate visitors can also deposit money directly into the inmate's account at prison administrative office. Note: When sending the money via money order or check, mention the inmate id and full name on the back of the slip.

Sending a Package / Mail

You can send any mail to the inmates who are imprisoned in Sedgwick County Detention Facility. Please send the mail or package to the address mentioned below.

Inmate Name,

Inmate ID,

141 West Elm Street, Wichita, KS, 67203

Please make sure the mail or package that you are sending comes under the list of approved items. For further clarification on the allowed items, contact the prison administration directly on 316-383-7205 .

Note: In case you want to send packages, you need to get prior approval from the prison administration. Contact the prison / jail staff for more information.

Phone calls

Inmates can call to any person outside who are on the approved members list between 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The cost of the call is beared by the receiver and the call can be of maximum 30 minutes. During rush hours, the calling time is reduced drastically to 10 minutes.

Visitation Rules

You need to get yourself registered in the visitors list before visiting any inmate in the prison. If you are visiting someone in Sedgwick County Detention Facility, make sure you are in approved visitors list. Confirm with the prison authorities before coming to visit the inmate.

Listed below are the basic visitation rules which one must adhere to:

  • Visitor must not be a prior felon.
  • Visitor must have a valid government ID.
  • A legal guardian must be accompanied for children below 16 years of age.

Sedgwick County Detention Facility Inmate Searcher

Fill out the form below and receive a detailed report on an inmate. This includes current and previous arrest records, social media handles, current and previous addresses & phone numbers.

How to lookup someone in prison or jail

Steps to follow for finding
an Inmate

Step 2

Enter inmate id and personal information

Enter the inmate personal informations in the required fields

Step 3

Enter inmate id and personal information

Click on the 'Submit' button

Sedgwick County Detention Facility driving directions

You can use the map plotted on the righ to find the driving directions to Sedgwick County Detention Facility.

General Stats for Kansas

Kansas Total Number of Inmates


Kansas Total No. of Inmates

Number of people under Probation Supervision


Number of people under Probation Supervision

Prison population rate


Prison population rate: 100,000 residents

Parole Population


Parole Population

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Incarcerated individuals with sentences of 50 years or longer
























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