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Calipatria State Prison Prisoner Search & Prison Roster Information

Calipatria State Prison (CAL) is a male-only prison that houses all security levels, and it is located in Calipatria, California. It has a capacity of 2,308, but like most California prisons it is overcrowded, and currently houses more than 3,000 inmates.

This prison sits on 300 acres, but the entire facility covers more than 1,200 acres. The maximum-security units feature cells, fenced perimeters, electronic security, and armed officers. The minimum-security units are open dorms without a secure perimeter.

At 184 feet below sea level, Calipatria is at the lowest elevation of any prison in the Western Hemisphere. The desert-like weather at CAL is extremely cold in winter and very hot in the summer. The summer temperatures can reach up to 118 degrees.

One notable former inmate is Angelo Buono, Jr., or “The Hillside Strangler”, who died in 2002 after suffering a heart attack.

Calipatria State Prison Prisoner Search & Prison Roster Information

Calipatria State Prison (CAL)

Calipatria State Prison (CAL)

Jail Name

Calipatria State Prison (CAL)

Calipatria State Prison (CAL) State Prison

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Calipatria State Prison (CAL) Address


7018 Blair Road, Calipatria, CA, 92233-5001

Calipatria State Prison (CAL) Contact Number

Contact Number




Calipatria Zip Postal Code

Zip/Postal Code


Calipatria State Prison (CAL) California


Imperial County


Imperial County

Calipatria State Prison (CAL) Inmate Search

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About Calipatria State Prison

Calipatria State Prison Visiting Hours and Rules

The visiting hours at Calipatria State Prison are on Saturdays, Sundays, and four holidays: New Year’s Day, July 4th, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. Visits usually begin between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and end by 3:00 p.m. Check-in for visits ends at 2 p.m.

To get more information about the visiting process at CAL, you can call the 800 Visitors’ Information number (800-374-8474) and follow the directions given. This number will provide information on lockdowns, medical quarantines, or other circumstances affecting visiting.

Before visiting an inmate at CAL, we recommend two things:

  • Read the Visitation Guidebook. We suggest that you read through all 28 pages, so you understand what to expect when you visit an inmate, as well as what is expected of you.
  • Schedule a visit in advance online using the VPASS system. This will reduce your wait time when you arrive at the prison for a visit, and it will also guarantee you a spot in the visiting room. On the day of your scheduled visit, you can check the visiting status at CAL through this system to make sure they are accepting visitors that day.

Getting Approved for a Visit

Before visiting an inmate at Calipatria State Prison – or any other California state prison – you must first get on the approved visiting list. The inmate you wish to visit must send you a signed visitor questionnaire, which you must fill out completely.

Mail the completed questionnaire to:

Calipatria State Prison
Visiting Sergeant
PO Box 5001
Calipatria, CA 92233-5001

If you are approved to visit, the prisoner will be notified, and then it is their job to notify you. You will be listed in the CDCR computer as being an approved visitor for that specific prisoner, and you do not need to bring any proof of approval with you to the prison on the day of your visit.

If you are denied, the prison will send you a letter giving the reason for disapproval, and the prisoner will also receive notice, but will not be given the reason.

General Visiting Rules at CAL

Most prisoners are in the general population, and that means they may receive contact visits. At a contact visit, the prisoner can sit with you, and you are allowed limited physical contact with them (a brief kiss and/or hug at beginning and end of visit, holding hands during the visit).

Contact visits are restricted to five visitors at a time.

Inmates in ADSEG or Intake are only allowed non-contact visits, and the inmates and visitors are separated by a glass partition. Non-contact visits require an appointment through the VPASS system.

All adults must have photo identification when being processed to visit.

You will be searched before you can visit with an inmate, and you will also pass through a metal detector.

Every adult visitor must fill out a pass each time they visit. The pass requires the prisoner’s name and CDCR number, the relationship of the visitor to the prisoner (spouse, mother, friend, etc.), the visitor’s name and address, and the visitor’s signature.

If you are bringing in minor children, you must list the names of the children on the pass. Once you have filled out the pass, you must give it to staff, and they will check the prisoner’s file to make sure you are an approved visitor, and that the prisoner is eligible to visit on that day.

Staff marks the pass with the prisoner’s housing and notes whether the visit is contact or non-contact. The pass and your identification is your “key” to get into and out of the prison.

The only items allowed into a visit without prior approval are:

  • Money: A $50 limit per adult and $20 limit per minor; only dollar bills, dollar coins, and quarters. Visiting rooms have vending machines stocked with food and beverages for you to purchase, and you can share those items with the inmate
  • A small (generally 6” by 8”) clear, plastic purse or bag
  • Two keys on a ring with no other attachments
  • Identification
  • A comb or brush; non-metallic, no pointed end or detachable parts
  • A small unopened pack of tissues or a handkerchief; no bandannas
  • A pair of prescription glasses
  • Ten Photographs, no larger than 8” by 10”; photos may be shown to the prisoner, but must be taken out by the visitor at the end of the visit. No Polaroids. No sexual or gang images.
  • Documents up to 10 pages, no larger than 8-1/2” by 11” (standard size typing paper)

Dress Code

There are restrictions on what you may wear to a prison, and you can read all of the details in the Inmate Visiting Guide. In general, there are four rules to remember:

  • Do not wear clothing that resembles the clothing that prisoners wear
  • Do not wear clothing that resembles what custodial staff wear
  • Dress conservatively and modestly
  • Do not wear any item will not clear a metal detector (such as an underwire bra or clothing with metal buttons)

Calipatria State Prison Physical Address

Calipatria State Prison
7018 Blair Road
Calipatria, CA 92233

Driving Directions:

Calipatria State Prison General Phone Number

Phone: ​(760) 348-7000

Calipatria State Prison Inmate Mailing Address(es)

All mail should be addressed to the prisoner with their full name, CDCR number, and the address of the prison.

Calipatria State Prison
Inmate’s name and CDCR number
A Yard PO Box 5004 Calipatria,
CA 92233-5004

Calipatria State Prison
Inmate’s name and CDCR number
B Yard PO Box 5005 Calipatria,
CA 92233-5005

Calipatria State Prison
Inmate’s name and CDCR number
C Yard PO Box 5006 Calipatria,
CA 92233-5006

Calipatria State Prison
Inmate’s name and CDCR number
PO Box 5008 Calipatria,
CA 92233-5008

Calipatria State Prison
Inmate’s name and CDCR number
Level I
PO Box 5008 Calipatria,
CA 92233-5008

Calipatria State Prison
Inmate’s name and CDCR number
PO Box 5008 Calipatria,
CA 92233-5008

Calipatria State Prison
Inmate’s name and CDCR number
D Yard PO Box 5007 Calipatria,
CA 92233-5007

There is no limit on the number of mail items a prisoner may receive. However, there are restrictions on content.  Correspondence can’t contain anything that is a threat or potential threat to another. There can’t be any discussion of a future criminal act, discussion of an escape, discussion of disrupting the security of the prison, coded messages, maps depicting the area in which the prison is located, gang-related comments or photographs, or photographs of nudity or sexual conduct.

Prison staff will open and inspect all prisoner mail before it is delivered to the inmate.

You may send prisoners letters (not more than 10 pages in one envelope), cards (without embellishments such as stickers or glitter), photographs (limited to 10 per envelope and not larger than 8” x 10”), drawings, children’s schoolwork, and newspaper or magazine articles.

You are not allowed to send books, magazines, newspapers, or packages directly to an inmate. Instead, you must be send those through approved vendors.

You may send a check or money order, and the mailroom staff will send it to trust accounts where it will be credited to the prisoner’s account.

How to Call a Prisoner at Calipatria State Prison

You can’t call an inmate who is incarcerated at CAL; they must call you. The inmates do have access to phones during daytime hours.

You are responsible for paying for the calls, however calling cards cannot be used. For complete details on how to call an inmate in California, please click here.

How to Send Money to Prisoners at Calipatria State Prison

To send money to an inmate first:

There are three ways to send money:

  • Lock Box
  • EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)
  • Mail funds directly to the institution

To get complete details about sending money to an inmate at CAL, click here.

​Calipatria State Prison Programs For ​Inmates

  • Vocational programs with National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) certification:  Carpentry, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Electrical, Electronics and Computer Literacy
  • Academic programs: Adult Basic Education, and General Education Development (GED)
  • Additional elective programs: Four televised education program channels, Volunteer Literacy/peer tutor program, General Education Development (GED), College Correspondence and correspondence courses,
  • Recreational activities, law library and recreational library services
  • Arts in Corrections
  • Long-term offender program
  • Cognitive behavioral treatment: Anger Management, Criminal Thinking, Family Relationships, Substance
  • Abuse Disorder Treatment
  • Transitions Program
  • California Identification Program
  • Family Liaison Service Specialist

CAL provides through a contract with a community-based organization an on-site Case Manager as a family reunification liaison for inmates and family members, to assist with an inmates pre-release preparation; and conduct Parenting and Creative Conflict Resolution classes for inmates. You can call the Institution to contact the Family Reunification Liaison for more information.

Careers at Calipatria State Prison

If you are interested in a job at Calipatria State Prison please visit the CalCareers website to view available positions.

General Visiting and Contacting Information

We provide detailed visiting and contact information for Calipatria State Prison (CAL). If you are have completed a Calipatria State Prison (CAL) inmate search and have located an inmate, the information on this page will help you to stay in contact. We help you send money to jail, send & receive text messages, and provide the address for in-person visits.

Sending Money

Inmates who are currently imprisoned in Calipatria State Prison (CAL) can receive money into their commissary account via money order, check or cash. Inmate visitors can also deposit money directly into the inmate's account at prison administrative office. Note: When sending the money via money order or check, mention the inmate id and full name on the back of the slip.

Sending a Package / Mail

You can send any mail to the inmates who are imprisoned in Calipatria State Prison (CAL). Please send the mail or package to the address mentioned below.

Inmate Name,

Inmate ID,

7018 Blair Road, Calipatria, CA, 92233-5001

Please make sure the mail or package that you are sending comes under the list of approved items. For further clarification on the allowed items, contact the prison administration directly on 760-348-7000 .

Note: In case you want to send packages, you need to get prior approval from the prison administration. Contact the prison / jail staff for more information.

Phone calls

Inmates can call to any person outside who are on the approved members list between 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The cost of the call is beared by the receiver and the call can be of maximum 30 minutes. During rush hours, the calling time is reduced drastically to 10 minutes.

Visitation Rules

You need to get yourself registered in the visitors list before visiting any inmate in the prison. If you are visiting someone in Calipatria State Prison (CAL), make sure you are in approved visitors list. Confirm with the prison authorities before coming to visit the inmate.

Listed below are the basic visitation rules which one must adhere to:

  • Visitor must not be a prior felon.
  • Visitor must have a valid government ID.
  • A legal guardian must be accompanied for children below 16 years of age.

Calipatria State Prison (CAL) Inmate Searcher

Fill out the form below and receive a detailed report on an inmate. This includes current and previous arrest records, social media handles, current and previous addresses & phone numbers.

How to lookup someone in prison or jail

Steps to follow for finding
an Inmate

Step 2

Enter inmate id and personal information

Enter the inmate personal informations in the required fields

Step 3

Enter inmate id and personal information

Click on the 'Submit' button

Calipatria State Prison (CAL) driving directions

You can use the map plotted on the righ to find the driving directions to Calipatria State Prison (CAL).

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