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Yasmin Talbot and inmate Christopher Wright charged with promoting prison contraband and conspiracy

05 Jan 2024, Jail News, by

Christopher Wright, an inmate at Nassau County Jail, is accused of conspiring with Yasmin Talbot in the contraband scheme.

Yasmin Talbot and inmate Christopher Wright charged with promoting prison contraband and conspiracy - Inmate Lookup

In court on Thursday, a former nurse manager, Yasmin Talbot, 48, and a former inmate at Nassau County Correctional Center faced charges of promoting prison contraband and conspiracy.

Talbot, who held the second-highest position at the jail, is accused of having a secret relationship with Christopher Wright, 37, with a plan to supply him with a ceramic knife during his incarceration.

Nassau County District Attorney Anne Donnelly stated that the investigation commenced upon discovering Talbot’s misuse of their authority.

Authorities allege that Talbot engaged in numerous inappropriate and unauthorized conversations with Wright during hundreds of calls. These discussions reportedly involved Talbot bringing contraband into the jail, funding Wright’s commissary account using a fictitious name, and disclosing the housing locations of other inmates.

Lt. Mark Curatolo from the Nassau County Sheriff’s Department stated that it violates public trust and bypasses their measures to prevent contraband inside the facility. He added that the highly dangerous blade could have caused significant damage.

A month later, a body scan revealed that Wright had the ceramic blade. With Wright’s cooperation, investigators reviewed his recorded phone calls, revealing Talbot’s involvement.

According to Anthony Grandinette, Mrs. Talbot is contesting the charges made in the indictment. She’s eager to clear her name and hopes the community gives her the benefit of the doubt and the fair treatment she deserves.

The allegations

Grand jury indictment allegations against Talbot included conspiracy, two counts of offering a false document for filing, two counts of fabricating business records, three counts of official misconduct, and first-degree promoting prison contraband. Talbot faced arraignment on these counts.

$500 cash, $5,000 bond, and $5,000 partially secured bond were the terms of her bail after she entered a not guilty plea.

In August, they suspended her during the ongoing investigation and received her resignation in September. Before her arrest on Wednesday, she began working at a Hempstead assisted living facility.

Donnelly expressed his disbelief at the public official’s reckless behavior. She stated that Talbot used her position of power to endanger others, including her own staff, the Nassau County Correctional Center staff, and other inmates.

Remanded while awaiting trial on a pending case for aggravated DWI with a child, Talbot is scheduled to appear in court on January 9. If convicted, she will face a sentence of up to 2.3 to 7 years in prison.

Wright, previously indicted for promoting prison contraband, official misconduct, and conspiracy, pleaded not guilty. The court set his bail at $5,000 cash, $10,000 bond, and $50,000 partially secured bond. If convicted, Wright faces a maximum sentence of up to 3.5 to 7 years in prison. The court is scheduling the appearance for January 8.

Nassau County Sheriff Anthony La Rocco issued a clear warning to anyone thinking about bringing contraband into the correctional center. He stated that the facility’s safety is non-negotiable, and those who jeopardize it will face full legal prosecution. Ensuring the safety of the correctional center, its staff, and inmates is a top priority.