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Willacy County Jail Compensates $1 Million in John Ray Zamora Lawsuit

27 Dec 2023, Jail News, by

The family of John Ray Zamora receives a $1 million settlement from Willacy County following his death in the county jail.

Willacy County Jail Compensates $1 Million in John Ray Zamora Lawsuit - Inmate Lookup

An attorney who represents the victim’s daughters has stated that Willacy County has reached an agreement to compensate the family of John Ray Zamora, a man who passed away while incarcerated in the Willacy County Jail.

According to a press release issued by the Law Office of Israel G. Perez III, the county will make a payment of one million dollars to the daughters of Zamora.

Zamora’s death on February 11, 2022, was disclosed in Perez’s news release, citing that he was subjected to savage beatings, pepper spray, and tasering while in handcuffs.

The press release went on to state that after John Ray Zamora was picked up and transported to the Willacy County Jail, the deputies continued to beat him while stripping him of his clothes. It was reported by witnesses that the cops were also laughing while they pepper-sprayed Zamora.

In an effort to rectify the circumstances surrounding Zamora’s passing, his family has initiated a federal lawsuit against Willacy County.

Representing Zamora’s mother are attorneys Yuri Rosillo and Christopher Youngs, with Perez representing Zamora’s four minor daughters.

Lawyer Israel Perez expressed the hope that this settlement achieves two objectives: firstly, ensuring support for Mr. Zamora’s four minor daughters now that they are fatherless, and secondly, motivating the county to implement necessary changes.

The money will be put into an annuity for Zamora’s daughters, and it will be made available to them so that they can pay for their college education, as stated in the release.

The news outlet, ValleyCentral, has attempted to get in touch with the sheriff of Willacy County, Sheriff Jose Salazar, but they have not yet received a response.



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