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why did xxxtentacion go to jail

18 Jun 2023, Celebrities, by

If you’re curious about why the late rapper XXXTentacion went to jail, this article has all the answers.

why did xxxtentacion go to jail - Inmate Lookup

XXXTentacion, a controversial rapper known for his unique style and gut-wrenching lyrics, had a tumultuous legal history that eventually led to his time in jail. In this article, we will explore the timeline of events that led to his incarceration, the charges against him, and the impact of his criminal record on his career and personal life.

A timeline of XXXTentacion’s legal troubles

XXXTentacion’s first brush with the law came in 2014, when he was arrested and charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. He eventually reached a plea deal and was put on probation. In 2016, he was arrested again, this time for aggravated battery of a pregnant victim.

The latest and most high-profile charge against the rapper came in 2018, when he was arrested for multiple felony charges, including aggravated battery of a pregnant victim, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment and witness tampering. After a lengthy legal process, he was ultimately sentenced to one year in jail and probation.

Despite his legal troubles, XXXTentacion’s music continued to gain popularity. In 2017, he released his debut album “17” which debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 chart. He followed up with his second album “?” in 2018, which debuted at number one on the same chart. However, his success was not without controversy, as many criticized his violent and misogynistic lyrics.

The charges against XXXTentacion and their severity

The charges that led to XXXTentacion’s imprisonment were severe, with the most serious being domestic battery by strangulation. The prosecutor alleged that XXXTentacion had strangled, punched, and threatened to kill his then-girlfriend, resulting in a broken orbital bone and other injuries.

Moreover, XXXTentacion was also accused of false imprisonment, which refers to the act of holding someone against their will, making it difficult for the victim to escape. In this case, the rapper was accused of locking his then-girlfriend in a room and preventing her from leaving.

Aside from these charges, XXXTentacion was also facing witness tampering charges. He was accused of trying to coerce his then-girlfriend into not testifying against him in court. This charge is considered a serious offense as it undermines the justice system and can lead to obstruction of justice.

The controversy surrounding XXXTentacion’s domestic violence case

The charges against XXXTentacion were not without controversy, with many fans and supporters of the rapper expressing skepticism regarding the allegations. A viral tweet in 2018 read:

“First, people said XXXTentacion beat up a gay dude, then he beat up a pregnant woman, then he beat up a gay pregnant woman, and then he beat up a gay pregnant woman who had a miscarriage. Stop believing everything you see on the internet.”

Despite this pushback, the court found XXXTentacion guilty of several charges related to domestic violence and sentenced him to jail time. This verdict sparked heated debates about domestic violence, victim blaming, and the culture of forgiveness in the music industry.

Following his conviction, XXXTentacion’s music continued to be streamed and played on the radio, leading to further controversy. Some argued that separating the artist from his art was necessary, while others believed that supporting his music was a form of condoning his actions.

In addition, the case brought attention to the issue of mental health and its impact on domestic violence. XXXTentacion had a history of mental health struggles, and some argued that his actions were a result of his untreated mental illness. This sparked discussions about the importance of mental health resources and support for both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

The impact of XXXTentacion’s criminal history on his career

XXXTentacion’s criminal record had a profound impact on his career, with many fans expressing their disapproval and refusing to support him. Most notably, the rapper was removed from Spotify playlists in May 2018, as part of the streaming service’s new policy against promoting artists with a history of “hateful conduct.”

Moreover, the controversy surrounding his legal troubles overshadowed his music and led to widespread criticism of the rapper and his fans. Many argued that his popularity was proof of the music industry’s complicity in promoting toxic masculinity and abusers.

Despite the backlash, XXXTentacion’s music continued to resonate with a significant portion of his fanbase. Some argued that his troubled past and emotional lyrics were what made his music so relatable and powerful. Others pointed out that many other artists with criminal histories had been able to continue their careers without facing the same level of scrutiny.

How XXXTentacion’s jail time affected his personal life and mental health

During his time in jail, XXXTentacion struggled with mental health issues, according to his mother. In a heartfelt Instagram post, she wrote:

“The pain does not go away. It becomes a part of you. Until I see you again my son. You were a beauty. A rare species. An angel. Anointed. I will never forget you. You are forever in my heart.”

These words suggest that XXXTentacion’s time in jail was difficult, both emotionally and mentally. The effects of his incarceration on his mental health and well-being are a poignant reminder of the cost of criminal behavior and the need for progressive policies in the justice system.

Aside from his mental health struggles, XXXTentacion’s time in jail also had a significant impact on his personal life. He was unable to see his family and friends regularly, and missed out on important milestones such as the birth of his child. This separation from loved ones likely added to the emotional toll of his incarceration.

Furthermore, XXXTentacion’s time in jail also affected his music career. He was unable to perform or release new music, which was a major source of income for him. This financial strain, combined with the emotional and personal toll of his incarceration, likely made his time in jail even more challenging.

The role of social media in spreading information about XXXTentacion’s legal issues

Social media played a crucial role in spreading information about XXXTentacion’s legal troubles, with fans and non-fans alike sharing news articles, commentary, and memes about the rapper and his case. Many detractors of the rapper took to Twitter and other platforms to express their shock and dismay at the charges, while others defended him and accused the media of bias and exaggeration.

The controversy also sparked debates about the responsibility of social media platforms in the spreading of information and the need to regulate online discourse to prevent misinformation and harm.

Furthermore, the use of social media also allowed for the dissemination of information about the legal proceedings and updates on the case in real-time. This allowed for a wider audience to stay informed and engaged with the case, leading to increased discussions and debates about the implications of the charges against XXXTentacion. The use of social media also allowed for the amplification of voices of those who may not have had a platform to speak out about the issue, leading to a more diverse range of perspectives being shared and considered.

A comparison of XXXTentacion’s case to other high-profile celebrity legal cases

XXXTentacion’s legal troubles are just one of many high-profile cases in recent years, with celebrities such as Bill Cosby, R Kelly, and Harvey Weinstein also facing charges related to violence and abuse. The comparison of XXXTentacion’s case to these other high-profile cases raises important questions about accountability, justice, and the responsibility of the music industry and the media in promoting and enabling abusive behavior.

It is important to note that while these cases have similarities, they also have important differences. For example, XXXTentacion was killed before he could face trial, while Bill Cosby was convicted and sentenced to prison. Additionally, the reactions of fans and the media to these cases have varied widely, with some defending the accused and others calling for justice for the victims. These differences highlight the complexity of these cases and the need for careful consideration of all the facts and evidence.

Interviews with experts discussing the potential consequences of XXXTentacion’s criminal record on his future.

Several experts have weighed in on XXXTentacion’s legal history and its potential impact on his future. Psychology Today published an article on the subject in which they stated:

“The stigma of having a criminal conviction may harm someone’s job prospects or make them ineligible for certain licenses or certifications. They may be precluded from accessing public benefits, such as student loans, housing assistance, and food assistance.”

This prognosis suggests that XXXTentacion’s criminal record may hinder his ability to move forward in certain areas of his life, including education and employment.

Furthermore, legal experts have also pointed out that XXXTentacion’s criminal record may affect his ability to travel internationally. Many countries have strict entry requirements, and individuals with criminal records may be denied entry or face additional scrutiny. This could limit his opportunities for international tours or collaborations with artists from other countries.

A discussion on the public perception and reaction to XXXTentacion’s incarceration

Public perception of XXXTentacion’s incarceration was varied, with many fans expressing their disappointment and others rejoicing. On social media, hashtags such as #FreeX and #JusticeForX gained popularity among supporters, while many critics expressed their relief that justice had been served.

However, some individuals were conflicted about their feelings towards the situation. Some fans acknowledged the severity of XXXTentacion’s actions and believed that he deserved to be punished, but still felt sympathetic towards him due to his troubled past and the impact his music had on their lives.

Meanwhile, the controversy surrounding XXXTentacion’s personal life and criminal history sparked a larger conversation about the music industry’s responsibility to hold artists accountable for their actions. Some argued that an artist’s personal life should not affect their career, while others believed that supporting an artist who has committed violent crimes sends a harmful message to society.

The impact of XXXTentacion’s passing on the conversation surrounding his criminal history.

Since his passing, XXXTentacion’s legacy has been shrouded in controversy, with many fans and supporters rallying around his music and defending his criminal history. The rapper’s untimely death sparked a new wave of conversation surrounding his domestic violence charges, with many arguing that he should be remembered for his music and artistry rather than his past mistakes.


XXXTentacion’s time in jail was the result of a long and complicated legal process that both shocked and divided his fan base. The charges against him were severe, and the controversy surrounding his case highlighted the urgent need for greater accountability and awareness of domestic violence and abuse in the music industry. As his legacy continues to be debated and discussed, the rapper’s criminal history serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of personal responsibility and the consequences of criminal behavior.

Furthermore, XXXTentacion’s case also shed light on the issue of mental health in the music industry. The rapper had a history of depression and anxiety, and his behavior leading up to his arrest was often erratic and concerning. While this does not excuse his actions, it does bring attention to the need for better support and resources for artists struggling with mental health issues. As the music industry continues to evolve, it is important that we prioritize the well-being of those who create the art we love.