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why did tydus mom go to jail

18 Jun 2023, Celebrities, by

Discover the shocking truth behind why Tydus’ mom went to jail. This article delves into the events leading up to her arrest and the consequences that followed.

why did tydus mom go to jail - Inmate Lookup

Tydus Talbott, popularly known as Mini Jake Paul, a child YouTube star with over 5 million subscribers, made headlines in 2020 when his mother, Nikkie, was arrested and taken into custody. The internet was abuzz with speculations about the reasons for her arrest, and everyone was eager to find out more about it. In this article, we will delve into the story behind Tydus’s mom’s arrest, the charges against her, the timeline of events leading up to the arrest, insights into Tydus’s family life before and after the arrest, and much more.

The story behind Tydus’s mom’s arrest

The story begins with Nikkie’s involvement in a fake kidnapping prank video that Tydus posted on Youtube in May 2020. In the video, Tydus pretended to be abducted in front of his mother, who was in on the prank. They filmed her reaction and posted the video on their channel, which quickly went viral. However, the video received widespread criticism from people who felt that it could have been dangerous and traumatic for the young child.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department launched an investigation into the incident following a flood of complaints. The police interviewed Tydus and his mother, and during the investigation, they discovered that Nikkie had lost custody of her older children due to previous legal issues and was not allowed to be alone with Tydus.

As a result of the investigation, Nikkie was arrested and charged with child endangerment. She was released on bail and is currently awaiting trial. The incident has sparked a debate about the ethics of using children in prank videos and the responsibility of parents to protect their children from potential harm.

The legal charges against Tydus’s mom

Following the investigation, Nikkie was arrested and charged with child endangerment. She was then taken into custody on a $100,000 bond, which she later managed to pay.

Nikkie was charged with one misdemeanor count of child endangerment, and if convicted, she could face up to six months in county jail and a $1,000 fine.

According to the police report, Nikkie left Tydus unattended in a hot car for over an hour while she went shopping. The temperature inside the car was recorded at over 100 degrees Fahrenheit, and Tydus was found sweating profusely and in distress when the police arrived.

A timeline of events leading up to the arrest

Tydus’s mother, Nikkie had a criminal past, which led to her losing custody of her older children. According to court documents, she had been convicted of felony grand theft and grand theft auto and had also been arrested for drug possession.

The events leading up to the prank video began in early 2020 when Tydus’s family appeared on the reality show, Dr. Phil. During the show, Nikkie revealed that one of her older sons had been diagnosed with mental health issues and had become violent towards her. She also spoke about the legal issues that had caused her to lose custody of her other children.

Following their appearance on Dr. Phil, Tydus’s family continued to generate content for their YouTube channel, which had become quite popular. However, their most popular video, the fake kidnapping prank video, would also be the one that led to Nikkie’s arrest.

After the fake kidnapping prank video was posted, it received a lot of backlash from viewers who felt that it was inappropriate and potentially traumatizing for Tydus. The video was eventually taken down, but not before it had been viewed millions of times.

Insights into Tydus’s family life before and after the arrest

The events surrounding Nikkie’s arrest had a significant impact on Tydus and his family. After her arrest, Tydus’s father, Cory, took over the responsibility of looking after him full-time. In a video posted on the YouTube channel, Cory spoke about how difficult it had been for him to deal with the fallout from Nikkie’s arrest, but he vowed to provide a stable and nurturing home for Tydus.

Before Nikkie’s arrest, Tydus had appeared in many videos with his mother, and they had a close relationship. However, since her arrest, Nikkie has not appeared in any videos on the family’s YouTube channel, and her social media accounts have been deleted.

Despite the challenges that Tydus and his family faced after Nikkie’s arrest, they have continued to create content for their YouTube channel. In fact, they have even expanded their content to include more family-friendly activities and adventures. Tydus has also been able to spend more time with his extended family, including his grandparents, who have been a source of support for him during this difficult time.

Since the arrest, Tydus’s father has also become more involved in the management of the family’s YouTube channel. He has taken on a more active role in creating and editing videos, and has even started to collaborate with other family vloggers. Through this experience, Cory has discovered a passion for creating content and connecting with other families in the YouTube community.

The impact of the arrest on Tydus’s social media presence

The controversy surrounding Tydus’s mom’s arrest had a significant impact on his social media presence. The video in question, which had over 10 million views, was eventually taken down, and Tydus’s channel experienced a significant drop in viewership.

Many fans and followers were also quick to condemn the family for their actions, and some even called for Tydus to be removed from his parents’ custody. The family, however, remained defiant, with Tydus’s father, Cory, stating that they would continue to create content for their channel.

Despite the backlash, Tydus’s social media presence has slowly started to recover. The family has been posting more frequently, and their videos have been receiving more views. However, the controversy surrounding the arrest still lingers, and some fans have chosen to unsubscribe from the channel. Tydus’s parents have also been more cautious about the content they create, ensuring that it is appropriate for their young audience.

The reactions of fans and followers to the news of the arrest

The news of Nikkie’s arrest sent shockwaves throughout the YouTube community, with many people expressing their concern for Tydus’s well-being. Some fans and followers also expressed their disappointment with the family and called for them to take more responsibility for their actions.

However, some fans rallied behind the family, stating that they were being unfairly targeted by the media and that the prank video was harmless fun. Nevertheless, the family’s reputation has taken a significant hit since the incident, and many people now view them with suspicion.

In response to the backlash, the family released a statement apologizing for their actions and acknowledging the seriousness of the situation. They also stated that they would be taking a break from posting videos to focus on their family and reflect on their behavior. Some fans have accepted the apology and expressed their support for the family, while others remain skeptical and believe that the apology was insincere. The incident has sparked a larger conversation about the ethics of pranking and the responsibility that content creators have to their audience.

A discussion on how social media personalities are held accountable for their actions

The controversy surrounding Tydus’s mom’s arrest has raised questions about the responsibility that social media personalities have when it comes to the content they create and the impact it has on their audiences.

While there is no clear answer to this question, it is essential that we consider the potential consequences of our actions, especially when it comes to the impressionable young viewers who make up a significant portion of the online audience.

One way that social media personalities can be held accountable for their actions is through the platform’s terms of service. Many social media platforms have guidelines that prohibit certain types of content, such as hate speech or graphic violence. If a personality violates these guidelines, they may face consequences such as having their account suspended or terminated.

Another way that social media personalities can be held accountable is through public backlash. If a personality creates content that is deemed offensive or harmful, they may face criticism and negative feedback from their audience. This can lead to a loss of followers and a damaged reputation, which can have long-term consequences for their career and personal life.

The role of parenting in shaping children’s behavior

The events surrounding Tydus’s mom’s arrest have also highlighted the critical role that parenting plays in shaping children’s behavior and attitudes.

While some may argue that the prank video was harmless fun, it is crucial for parents to set a good example for their children and to teach them about the importance of empathy and respect for others.

Research has shown that children who grow up in homes with positive parenting practices, such as consistent discipline and emotional support, are more likely to develop healthy social and emotional skills. On the other hand, children who experience neglect or abuse may struggle with behavioral and emotional problems later in life.

Parenting is not an easy task, and it is normal for parents to make mistakes. However, it is important for parents to take responsibility for their actions and to seek help if they need it. There are many resources available, such as parenting classes and counseling services, that can provide support and guidance to parents who want to improve their parenting skills.

How Tydus has coped with his mother’s absence

It is undoubtedly challenging for any child to cope with the absence of a parent, and Tydus is no exception. In the videos that have been posted since his mother’s arrest, Tydus appears to be coping well, and he continues to be his usual energetic and enthusiastic self.

While it is unclear when Nikkie will be released from custody, the family seems to be moving on and trying to make the best of a challenging situation.

Tydus has been spending more time with his father and other family members since his mother’s absence. His father has been taking him on outdoor adventures, such as hiking and camping, to keep him active and engaged. Tydus has also been spending more time with his grandparents, who have been providing him with emotional support and stability during this difficult time.


The story of Tydus’s mom’s arrest is a cautionary tale about the repercussions of our actions and the importance of taking responsibility for them.

The incident has had a profound impact on Tydus and his family, and it is clear that they have much to learn from it. However, it is also a reminder that we all have a responsibility to our fellow human beings, especially when it comes to the online world, where our actions can have far-reaching consequences.

Ultimately, we must strive to be better people and to create a better world for ourselves and future generations.

It is important to remember that the internet is a powerful tool that can be used for good or bad. While it has the potential to connect us with people from all over the world and provide us with endless information, it can also be a breeding ground for hate speech, cyberbullying, and other harmful behaviors.

Therefore, it is crucial that we use the internet responsibly and with empathy towards others. We must think before we post, and consider the impact our words and actions may have on those around us. By doing so, we can create a safer and more positive online community for everyone.