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Why Did Lane Garrison Go to Jail: A Tragic Accident Explored

16 May 2023, Celebrities, by brian

Explore why did Lane Garrison go to jail, the tragic accident, courtroom drama, and life lessons learned from this devastating event.

Why Did Lane Garrison Go to Jail: A Tragic Accident Explored - Inmate Lookup

If you’ve ever wondered why actor Lane Garrison went to jail, read on and discover what led to actor Lane Garrison’s jail time in this post. We’ll take a deep dive into the tragic events that occurred on December 2, 2006, when Garrison was involved in a fatal drunken driving crash.

That night would forever change not only Lane’s life but also the lives of Vahagn Setian and his family. In this post, we’ll explore the details of that fateful night and its devastating consequences.

As we delve into Garrison’s courtroom drama and sentencing, emotional testimonies from both sides reveal remorse and pain. We’ll discuss how these proceedings highlighted important issues such as underage drinking and drunk driving awareness.

Furthermore, we will examine Lane Garrison’s struggles with addiction following his release from state prison and how he attempted rehabilitation through self-help programs. At last, we’ll consider his expression of remorse and contemplate the teachings gleaned from accepting liability for one’s behavior and making wise decisions in life.

In understanding why did Lane Garrison go to jail, readers may gain valuable insights into the complexities surrounding personal accountability during times of tragedy.

The Tragic Accident

Back in December 2006, Lane Garrison’s life took a dramatic turn as he crashed his car into a tree while high on coke and alcohol. The tragedy resulted in the death of 17-year-old student Vahagn Setian from Beverly Hills High, leaving both families heartbroken and shattered.

The Night That Changed Everything

Lane Garrison, famous for his stint in the hit series Prison Break, was driving three teenagers post-party when tragedy struck. Despite being drunk, he made the terrible choice of driving and lost control of the car, colliding into a tree. Sadly,  Vahagn passed away in the accident, while two others were severely injured.

Impact on Vahagn Setian’s Family

Vahagn’s family was left in shock and profound sadness after the sudden loss of their son. They had to face the person responsible for the tragedy in court, a painful reminder of how a single reckless act can impact innocent lives forever. This high-profile case was broadcasted nationwide, serving as a stark warning against the dangers of drunk driving.

The tragedy of the accident was felt by everyone in attendance, and its consequences are still being experienced today. With a heavy heart, we now turn to the courtroom drama and sentencing that followed this incident.

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Courtroom Drama and Sentencing

In a courtroom packed with around 30 teenagers, most of them Beverly Hills High School students, some wearing T-shirts featuring Vahagn Setian’s photograph, the atmosphere was charged with emotion as actor Lane Garrison pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and providing alcohol to a minor. The tragic drunk-driving crash left both families devastated and heartbroken.

Emotional Testimonies During Trial

At the trial, those closest to the victim tearfully recounted their anguish and sorrow. Garrison gave an account of himself, expressing regret for his deeds that night in December 2006 when he drove into a tree while intoxicated by cocaine and alcohol.

Acknowledgment of Remorse

Judge Elden Fox acknowledged Garrison’s remorse during sentencing but emphasized that it could not undo the damage caused by his reckless behavior. Ultimately, he sentenced actor Lane Garrison to three years and four months in state prison followed by four years of parole for causing this fatal accident which took away young Vahagn Setian’s life so prematurely.

Garrison’s attorney, Harland Braun, stated that his client was “very remorseful” and had been attending Alcoholics Anonymous meetings since the accident. He also mentioned that Lane Garrison pleaded guilty and wanted to use his experience to help educate others about the dangers of drunk driving.

Despite these efforts, it is important for everyone to remember that such accidents can have life-altering consequences not only for those directly involved but also for their families and communities. By understanding why Prison Break actor Lane Garrison went to jail, we hope this serves as a cautionary tale against engaging in risky behavior like drunken driving.

The courtroom drama and sentencing of Lane Garrison highlighted the emotional testimonies from both sides, ultimately resulting in a prison sentence for him. Turning to the matter of recompense and communal worries, it is essential to ponder how these matters can be handled in order to hinder analogous occurrences from transpiring again.

Key Takeaway: 


Actor Lane Garrison pleaded guilty to vehicular manslaughter and providing alcohol to a minor after crashing his car into a tree while under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, resulting in the death of Vahagn Setian. He was sentenced to three years and four months in state prison followed by four years of parole for causing this fatal accident, highlighting the life-altering consequences of drunken driving.


Restitution and Community Concerns

In addition to serving time in prison, actor Lane Garrison was ordered to pay $300k restitution for his actions. Deputy District Attorney Joseph Markus commented on how high-profile cases like these rightfully raise community concerns. He highlighted parents’ worst nightmares when an adult buys vodka or smokes pot at high school parties before getting behind the wheel intoxicated.

Importance of Raising Awareness about Drunk Driving Consequences

Raising awareness about the dangers and consequences of drunken driving crashes is crucial in preventing similar tragedies from occurring. Lane’s case serves as a stark reminder that one poor decision can have life-altering effects not only on the individual responsible but also on innocent victims and their families. Organizations such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) work tirelessly to educate people about the risks associated with impaired driving and advocate for stricter laws to deter this dangerous behavior.

Addressing Underage Drinking Issues

Beyond the issue of drunk driving, Lane Garrison’s case also highlights the problem of underage drinking. In this instance, he provided alcohol to minors which ultimately contributed to Vahagn Setian’s tragic death. It is essential for communities, schools, and parents alike to address underage drinking by educating young people about its risks while promoting healthy alternatives for socializing without alcohol involved.

  • Create open lines of communication: Encourage discussions between parents and children regarding expectations around alcohol consumption and the potential dangers associated with it.
  • Support alcohol-free events: Schools and community organizations can organize social activities that do not involve alcohol, providing a safe environment for young people to have fun without the pressure of drinking.
  • Promote responsible role models: Celebrities like Lane Garrison, who have experienced firsthand the consequences of their actions, can use their platform to raise awareness about these issues and encourage others to make better choices in life.

In addressing both drunk driving and underage drinking, communities can work together to prevent further tragedies like Vahagn Setian’s untimely death from occurring. By raising awareness about these critical issues, we hope that future generations will learn from past mistakes and choose a safer path forward.

Restitution and community concerns are important to raise awareness of the consequences associated with drunk driving, as well as address underage drinking issues. By focusing on Lane Garrison’s life after prison, we can gain a better understanding of how he has dealt with addiction post-release and his efforts toward rehabilitation through self-help programs.

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Actor Lane Garrison went to jail and was ordered to pay $300k restitution for providing alcohol to minors, which ultimately contributed to a tragic death. This case highlights the importance of raising awareness about drunk driving consequences and underage drinking issues, encouraging open communication between parents and children, supporting alcohol-free events, and promoting responsible role models. Communities can work together to prevent future tragedies by educating young people about the risks associated with impaired driving while advocating for stricter laws against dangerous behavior.


Life After Prison for Lane Garrison

Released on parole in April 2009 after serving his sentence, actor Lane Garrison faced more legal trouble when he pleaded no contest to slapping his former girlfriend Ashley Mattingly (September 10, 1986 – April 15, 2020). He avoided jail time for this case after a deal with the prosecutors. Instead, as part of the deal, he attended self-help classes, including Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and completed eight hours of community service as reported by TMZ.

Struggles with Addiction Post-Release

Lane’s battle with addiction did not end upon his release from prison. The actor continued to struggle with substance abuse issues, which led to further legal troubles and personal challenges. It is essential for individuals like Lane who have a history of addiction to seek professional help and support networks such as Alcoholics Anonymous, therapy sessions, or rehabilitation programs.

Attempting Rehabilitation Through Self-Help Programs

  • Counseling: Participating in individual or group counseling can provide emotional support and guidance during the recovery process.
  • Meditation: Practicing mindfulness techniques like meditation can help manage stress levels that may trigger addictive behaviors.
  • Fitness & Nutrition: Maintaining a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and proper nutrition plays an important role in overall well-being during recovery.
  • Hobbies & Interests: Pursuing hobbies or interests can offer a positive outlet for coping with addiction and provide a sense of purpose.

While Lane Garrison’s journey after prison has been far from smooth, his story serves as an important reminder that recovery is possible through dedication, support, and self-improvement efforts. By attending self-help programs and seeking professional help when needed, individuals can work towards overcoming their addictions and rebuilding their lives.

Lane Garrison’s life after prison has been filled with struggles, but he is still striving to make positive changes in his life. He issued a mea culpa, and his story can be an exemplar of the significance of wise choices.

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Public Apology and Lessons Learned

Actor Lane Garrison apologized publicly to both the victims’ families and stated that he has been reliving the night of the crash every day since it happened. He urged viewers never to drink and drive, claiming his life changed forever following the incident. Garrison’s apology served as a cautionary tale, highlighting the potentially devastating consequences of irresponsible choices and encouraging others to avoid making similar mistakes.

Importance of Taking Responsibility for Actions

Acknowledging one’s own errors is essential for progress after a misstep. In Lane Garrison’s case, acknowledging his wrongdoing by apologizing publicly demonstrated remorse and accountability for what happened on that tragic night. It also showed respect towards Vahagn Setian’s family, who had lost their loved one due to a drunken driving crash.

Encouraging Responsible Behavior and Choices

Lane Garrison’s story serves as a cautionary tale about how easily lives can be destroyed when individuals make irresponsible choices like drinking alcohol or using drugs before getting behind the wheel of a car. To prevent similar tragedies from occurring:

  • Educate yourself on the dangers of drunk driving, including its legal consequences such as vehicular manslaughter charges.
  • If you plan on consuming alcohol at social events or parties, always designate a sober driver or use alternative transportation methods like taxis, rideshare services, or public transit.
  • Be aware of the signs that someone may be intoxicated and intervene if necessary to prevent them from driving under the influence.
  • Support local initiatives aimed at raising awareness about drunk driving prevention and responsible alcohol consumption.

By learning from Lane Garrison’s experience and making a conscious effort to practice responsible behavior, we can all contribute to creating safer communities for ourselves and our loved ones.

Key Takeaway: 


Actor Lane Garrison publicly apologized for his drunken driving crash and urged viewers never to drink and drive. Taking responsibility for one’s actions is crucial in moving forward after making a mistake, as demonstrated by Garrison’s apology. To prevent similar tragedies from occurring, individuals should educate themselves on the dangers of drunk driving, always designate a sober driver or use alternative transportation methods, be aware of signs of intoxication and intervene if necessary, and support local initiatives aimed at raising awareness about responsible alcohol consumption



In conclusion, Lane Garrison went to jail for causing a drunken driving crash that resulted in the death of Vahagn Setian. Lane Garrison was convicted of vehicular manslaughter and drunk driving, resulting in a 40-month prison sentence. The incident had a significant impact on his career and public image, leading to difficulties finding acting opportunities after his release from prison.

However, Lane has since taken steps toward rehabilitation by seeking counseling sessions and making restitution payments to the Setian family. Additionally, the Vahagn Setian Foundation was established in memory of Vahagn with goals of raising awareness about DUIs and supporting victims’ families.

If you want more information about life inside prisons or want to know how you can help those who have been incarcerated like Lane Garrison, visit Prison Insight.