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Why Did Elvis Presley’s Father Go to Jail?

18 Jun 2023, Celebrities, by

Discover the shocking truth behind the imprisonment of Elvis Presley’s father in this captivating article.

Why Did Elvis Presley's Father Go to Jail? - Inmate Lookup

Elvis Presley is a name that is recognized by many people as one of the most iconic and influential figures in modern music history. However, not many people know much about his father, Vernon Presley, who was also an integral part of Elvis’ life. Unfortunately, Vernon’s life was marred by a criminal record that landed him in jail. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Vernon Presley went to jail, the impact it had on the Presley family, and what happened after his release.

Early Life of Elvis Presley’s Father: Vernon Presley

Vernon Presley was born on April 10, 1916, in Fulton, Mississippi. He was the fifth child of his parents, Jesse Presley and Minnie Mae Hood. Vernon had a challenging childhood, with his family frequently moving from place to place, and he often found himself in trouble with the law.

After he married Elvis’ mother, Gladys Presley, in 1933, Vernon began working a series of odd jobs to support their growing family. Eventually, the Presleys settled in Tupelo, Mississippi, where Elvis was born on January 8, 1935. After Elvis’ birth, the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee.

Despite his troubled past, Vernon was a devoted father to Elvis and his siblings. He worked hard to provide for his family and was always supportive of Elvis’ musical ambitions. In fact, it was Vernon who bought Elvis his first guitar when he was just 11 years old. Vernon also played a key role in managing Elvis’ career, helping him secure recording contracts and negotiate deals. Despite their close relationship, Vernon and Elvis had their share of disagreements over the years, particularly when it came to Elvis’ personal life. Nevertheless, Vernon remained a constant presence in Elvis’ life until his death in 1979.

The Arrest and Conviction of Vernon Presley

In 1960, Vernon Presley was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit forgery. He had attempted to forge a check to pay for the purchase of a rifle from a local sporting goods store. Vernon pled guilty to the charges and was sentenced to three years in prison.

During his time in prison, Vernon Presley’s health began to deteriorate. He suffered from various ailments, including high blood pressure and heart problems. Elvis Presley, Vernon’s son, was deeply affected by his father’s imprisonment and made efforts to have him released early. In 1962, Vernon was granted parole after serving only eight months of his sentence. He returned home to Graceland, where he lived with Elvis until his death in 1979.

An Overview of the Crime Committed by Vernon Presley

Vernon Presley’s crime was a serious one and involved a violation of trust. By attempting to forge a check, he broke the law and attempted to take advantage of someone else’s money. Forgery is a type of fraud and can have serious consequences, including jail time, fines, and a criminal record.

It is important to note that Vernon Presley’s crime not only had legal consequences, but also had a significant impact on his reputation and relationships. Forgery is a breach of trust, and those who commit this crime may find it difficult to regain the trust of others. Additionally, forgery can have a ripple effect on the victim and their financial stability. It is important to understand the gravity of this crime and the harm it can cause to individuals and society as a whole.

Where Was Vernon Presley Imprisoned?

Vernon Presley was incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institute in Texarkana, Texas. The facility was a medium-security prison and housed around 800 inmates during Vernon’s time there.

Vernon Presley was sentenced to three years in prison for forging a check in 1976. He was released after serving only eight months due to good behavior.

During his time in prison, Vernon received visits from his famous son, Elvis Presley, who would often bring gifts and spend time with him. Elvis even performed a benefit concert to raise money for the prison’s library while his father was incarcerated.

Vernon’s Relationship with Elvis Before and After His Incarceration

Before Vernon’s incarceration, he had a close relationship with Elvis. He was very supportive of his son’s career and often managed his finances. However, when Vernon went to jail, Elvis was devastated. He visited his father regularly during his imprisonment and wrote several letters to him.

After Vernon was released from prison, he returned home to Graceland, where he and Elvis resumed their close relationship. Vernon continued to manage his finances and was an important part of his son’s life until his death in 1979.

During Vernon’s time in prison, Elvis faced financial difficulties due to mismanagement of his finances by his previous manager. This led to Elvis taking on more film and music projects to make up for the lost income. Despite the challenges, Elvis remained committed to supporting his father and visited him regularly.

After Vernon’s release from prison, he and Elvis became even closer. They spent more time together and Vernon became more involved in Elvis’s personal life. Vernon also helped Elvis with his financial affairs and played a key role in negotiating some of his most successful contracts.

The Impact of Vernon’s Incarceration on the Presley Family

The impact of Vernon’s incarceration on the Presley family was significant. Gladys Presley died in 1958, two years before Vernon was arrested, so Elvis had to deal with the aftermath of both of his parents’ deaths in a relatively short period. Vernon’s incarceration also had financial consequences for the family, as he was unable to manage Elvis’ finances while in jail.

Furthermore, Vernon’s absence during Elvis’ rise to fame and success was deeply felt by the family. Elvis often spoke about how much he missed his father and how he wished he could have been there to share in his achievements. Vernon’s incarceration also put a strain on the family’s relationships, as they struggled to cope with the emotional and financial burdens that came with it.

Elvis’ Reaction to His Father’s Jail Term

Elvis was devastated when he learned of his father’s jail term. He visited Vernon regularly during his imprisonment and wrote many letters to him. Elvis was not only worried about his father’s well-being but also about the impact that his incarceration would have on the family’s reputation.

Despite his concerns, Elvis remained supportive of his father throughout his time in jail. He even went as far as to pay for Vernon’s legal fees and other expenses while he was incarcerated. Elvis’ dedication to his family was evident in his actions, and he remained a loyal son until the end.

After Vernon’s release from prison, Elvis made sure to spend as much time with him as possible. He recognized the importance of family and wanted to make up for lost time. The experience of his father’s imprisonment had a profound impact on Elvis, and he became even more committed to staying out of trouble and avoiding any legal issues himself.

How Long Was Vernon Presley in Jail?

Vernon Presley was in jail for a little over eight months, from June 1960 to February 1961. He was released early for good behavior and returned to Memphis to be reunited with his family.

During his time in jail, Vernon Presley was assigned to work in the prison’s garment factory. He used his skills as a tailor to make clothing for himself and other inmates. He also spent his free time reading books and writing letters to his family. Despite the difficult circumstances, Vernon remained optimistic and focused on his eventual release.

The Release and Rehabilitation of Vernon Presley

After his release from prison, Vernon Presley returned home to Graceland. He took the necessary steps to rehabilitate himself and his life and eventually returned to work, where he worked as an insurance salesman for many years.

During his time as an insurance salesman, Vernon Presley also became involved in various charitable organizations. He was particularly passionate about supporting organizations that helped ex-convicts reintegrate into society, as he knew firsthand the challenges they faced.

In addition to his charitable work, Vernon Presley also remained close to his son, Elvis. He continued to support Elvis throughout his career and was often seen at his concerts and events. Vernon passed away in 1979, but his legacy lives on through his son’s music and the charitable work he supported.

What Happened to Vernon Presley After His Release from Jail?

After his release from jail, Vernon returned to his life in Memphis. He became more involved in his son’s career and continued to help manage his finances. Vernon, however, never remarried after Gladys’ death and lived the rest of his life as a single man.

In addition to his involvement in his son’s career, Vernon also became an active member of the local community. He volunteered at a nearby hospital and donated money to various charities. He was known for his generosity and kindness towards others.

As he grew older, Vernon’s health began to decline. He suffered from various ailments, including heart disease and diabetes. Despite his health issues, he remained devoted to his son and continued to support him in his music career until his own passing in 1979.

The Legacy of Vernon Presley’s Criminal Record on Elvis’ Career and Life

The impact of Vernon Presley’s criminal record on Elvis’ career and life was minimal. While the family’s reputation was damaged in the short term, it did not affect Elvis’ continued success. Vernon continued to be an important part of Elvis’ life until his death in 1979.

In conclusion, Vernon Presley’s incarceration was a challenging time for the Presley family, but they managed to overcome it. Elvis and his father continued to have a close relationship, and Vernon’s life after his release proved that it is possible to move on from past mistakes and create a new, better life. Vernon Presley may have been buried in the history books as a convict, but his legacy lives on through his son, the King of Rock and Roll.

Despite the minimal impact on Elvis’ career, Vernon’s criminal record did have some lasting effects on the family. It made them more cautious about their public image and the company they kept. Elvis himself became more guarded and private, avoiding any association with criminal activity or unsavory characters.

Additionally, Vernon’s time in prison had a profound effect on him personally. He became more introspective and spiritual, and he dedicated himself to helping others who were struggling with addiction and legal troubles. He even started a ministry to help inmates and their families cope with the challenges of incarceration.