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Todd Chrisley Addresses Inhumane Prison System

03 Nov 2023, Celebrities, Jail News, Prisons, by

Todd Chrisley takes a stand against the inhumane prison system. Learn about his fight for change even from behind bars.

Todd Chrisley Addresses Inhumane Prison System - Inmate Lookup

Todd Chrisley, currently a prisoner at Federal Prison Camp Pensacola in Florida, is speaking out about prison reform and calling the American prison system “cruel, broken, and inhuman.” This comes following earlier complaints from his lawyer, Jay Surgent, who has made allegations of negligence against the prison and has been open about it in the media.

Found guilty of conspiracy to defraud and federal tax evasion charges in 2022. Todd Chrisley is famously known as the reality show star of Chrisley Knows Best, currently serving a 10-year sentence at the FPC in Pensacola, where, according to counsel, he has both experienced and been a victim of a system that is broken, inhumane, and cruel.

Through his lawyer, Chrisley shared some of his issues with Radar Online, including the prison’s lack of rehabilitation; Todd claims that in the last three years, not a single individual has obtained their GED; the medical department’s inability to dole out the proper medication; and the denial of Muslim inmates’ right to practice their religion. He also highlighted that the prison was forcing inmates to do manual labor outside in unsafe conditions of over 100 degrees in the summer.

Surgent shared that Chrisley is doing well and is focused on creating real, enduring, and systemic transformation within the U.S. Justice System, specifically within the American Prison System. Aside from advocating for prison reform, he teaches financial classes behind bars.