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Sam and Colby: A Look into Their Arrest and Jail Time

19 May 2023, Celebrities, by

Uncover the tale of Sam and Colby, from their detention to jail time and how support from loved ones can make the difference in tough times.

Sam and Colby: A Look into Their Arrest and Jail Time

Sam and Colby, the popular YouTubers known for their thrilling adventures and paranormal investigations, have faced legal consequences in the past. In this blog post, we will delve into the details surrounding this incident to provide a comprehensive understanding of their experiences with law enforcement.

We’ll begin by introducing Samuel Golbach and Cole Brock, discussing their rise to fame on YouTube. Next, we’ll explore Sam and Colby’s arrest and what led them to face charges. We’ll also look at the length of time Sam and Cole spent behind bars due to their legal woes.

Lastly, we recognize that having a loved one incarcerated can be difficult for families; therefore, we will offer advice on staying connected during such trying times. Join us as we navigate through this fascinating story involving two beloved internet personalities.

Who are Samuel Golbach and Cole Brock?

Samuel Golbach and Cole Brock, popularly known as Sam and Colby, are American social media influencers who gained fame through their YouTube channel. The duo is best known for their adventurous videos exploring haunted places and abandoned buildings, and conducting paranormal investigations.

A Brief History of Sam and Colby’s Friendship

Their journey began in 2014 when they started posting short comedy skits on the now-defunct app Vine. Their unique content quickly garnered a massive following which led them to transition to YouTube where they continued creating entertaining videos. Over time, their focus shifted towards exploration-based content that captivated millions of viewers worldwide.

The Evolution of Their Content

  • Vine: They initially gained popularity with six-second comedy sketches on Vine.
  • YouNow: After Vine shut down, the pair moved to YouNow where they live-streamed daily life events before transitioning to YouTube full-time.
  • YouTube: On their YouTube channel, Sam and Colby have evolved from comedic skits to thrilling explorations of mysterious locations around the world.

The Impact on Social Media Platforms

Besides being active on Youtube with over 9.08 million subscribers (as of May 2023), Sam and Colby also maintain a strong presence across various social media platforms such as Instagram (@samandcolby), Twitter (@SamandColby), and TikTok (@samandcolby). Their content has had a major effect, not just providing amusement to millions of viewers but also motivating numerous individuals to begin their own experiences, generating a feeling of togetherness among the people who follow them.

Samuel Golbach and Cole Brock are two friends who gained notoriety for their online content but have since been arrested once and a citation for another incident.

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Sam and Colby’s Arrest

Samuel Golbach and Cole Brock, popularly known as Sam and Colby, have had their fair share of run-ins with the law. Their arrest stem from their adventurous content on YouTube, which often involves exploring abandoned buildings or engaging in risky activities. Let’s dive into the details of why these Youtube stars were arrested.

The Florida School Incident

In January 2023, Sam and Colby were arrested for trespassing at an abandoned school in Florida. The duo was filming a video for their channel when they were caught by local authorities. Sam and Colby circumvented the fencing surrounding the property in Florida to gain access to the abandoned school, where they were eventually caught by police officers. Law enforcement, responding to a tip-off of something amiss, captured the pair after they had been inside for several hours.

Lessons Learned

Since this incident, Sam and Colby have expressed remorse for their actions and acknowledged the importance of respecting private property. In a video on their YouTube channel, they discussed learning from their mistakes and focusing on creating content that does not involve trespassing or breaking any laws. Despite facing legal consequences, Sam and Colby continue to entertain millions of fans worldwide with thrilling adventures while striving to stay within legal boundaries.

By learning about Sam and Colby’s arrest, you can gain insight into their past legal issues. Let’s now delve into the length of their incarceration.

Key Takeaway: 


Sam and Colby, popular YouTubers known for their adventurous content, have been arrested for trespassing. In 2019 they were caught exploring an abandoned school in Florida. Although facing legal consequences, the duo has learned from their mistakes and now focuses on creating content that respects private property.


How Long Did Sam And Colby Go To Jail For?

Sam and Colby’s jail time was relatively short, as they were released within the next day of their arrest. Despite the brevity of their jail time, the arrest had far-reaching consequences for Sam and Colby’s lives and careers.

Moving Forward

The experience served as a wake-up call for Sam Golbach and Cole Brock, who have since been more cautious about exploring abandoned properties without permission. They continue to create content for their YouTube channel but now focus on legal exploration adventures that do not put them at risk of breaking any laws.

Moving on, the next section is about staying connected with your loved ones while they are incarcerated.

Key Takeaway: 


Sam and Colby were arrested for trespassing at an abandoned school in Florida while filming a video. The experience served as a wake-up call for them who have since been more cautious about exploring abandoned properties without permission.


Frequently Asked Questions Sam and Colby

Are Sam and Colby lovers?

No, Sam and Colby are not lovers. They are best friends who met in high school in Kansas before moving to Los Angeles together to pursue their careers as social media influencers. Their strong friendship forms the foundation for their successful collaboration on YouTube.

What are Sam and Colby best known for?

Sam and Colby are best known for their YouTube channel, where they share videos of themselves exploring haunted places, conducting paranormal investigations, performing pranks, challenges, vlogs, as well as documenting urban exploration adventures at various abandoned sites around the world.

How did Sam and Colby get famous?

Their rise to fame began with short comedy skits posted on Vine in 2014. After gaining popularity there, they transitioned to YouTube where they found even greater success with their unique blend of adventure-seeking content involving ghost-hunting expeditions (source).


Despite their popularity, Sam and Colby have had brushes with the law in the past.

In this blog post, we discovered that Sam and Colby were arrested at one point in their lives. 

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