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Pike County Detention Center Teams Up with Goodwill to Tackle Recidivism

28 Nov 2023, Jail News, by

Pike County Detention Center collaborates with Goodwill Industries of Kentucky to combat recidivism using a $123,923 grant.

Pike County Detention Center Teams Up with Goodwill to Tackle Recidivism - Inmate Lookup

Partnering with the Pike County Detention Center to lessen the rate of recidivism, Goodwill received $123,923 in Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) funding from the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.

Goodwill Industries of Kentucky, renowned for its thrift stores, aims to transcend its retail identity.

This initiative targets recidivism by creating opportunities and eliminating obstacles, focusing on 50 inmates at the detention center. The grant facilitates reentry plans into the community and workforce, incorporating job training, legal counseling, and mental health support.

Collaborating with local entities like AppalReD Legal Aid and Mountain Comprehensive Care, the grant aims to support incentivized programming, operating costs, staff salaries, and travel expenses. The funding runs through September 30, 2024.

Expressing enthusiasm, Goodwill Industries of Kentucky President and CEO Amy Luttrell highlighted the significance of connecting with individuals soon to be released from the Pike County Detention Center. She emphasized the challenges faced by those leaving incarceration and the transformative impact of the right support, envisioning them as contributing members of their communities.

The grant, part of a $2.1 million funding initiative combating addiction and the opioid epidemic, is shared among 14 agencies, including Goodwill. Gov. Andy Beshear made this known this summer.

The funds contribute to ongoing support for crime victims and law enforcement efforts to enhance safety in Kentucky, Gov. Beshear shared in a news release.

The Pike County Detention Center affirmed its commitment to helping individuals swiftly regain stability when they shared the news on Facebook.

Brian Morris, Pike County jailer, underscored the hurdles faced by released inmates, emphasizing the need for effective reentry strategies. Acknowledging the existing support for drug addiction, he emphasized the overlooked aspect of reentry, stating that inmates are often reintegrated into the same standards they faced before incarceration. Morris expressed hope that partnerships like this would better prepare the 50 individuals released, fostering a brighter future.

This collaboration is one of many that Goodwill is working on to rethink re-entry and fight recidivism. To assist hundreds of inmates on the same path, the company announced the launch of the Aspire program.