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Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility Faces Investigation Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

03 Jan 2024, Jail News, by

Claims of sexual misconduct involving a former employee and a juvenile at the Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility are being investigated.

Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility Faces Investigation Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations - Inmate Lookup

The Perry County Sheriff’s Office has initiated an investigation into an incident reportedly taking place at the Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility in the past month. Allegations of sexual misconduct between a now-former employee and a juvenile are under scrutiny by the sheriff’s office.

Despite ongoing efforts by the juvenile’s mother to seek more information from the sheriff’s office, she has encountered a lack of responses. Expressing concern, the mother asked how such a thing could happen.

According to the mother, she was contacted by Karen Brown, the interim director of the Perry Multi-County Juvenile Facility, on December 17th, to inform her that her 16-year-old son had an incident with a staff member the previous day while he was at the facility.

Receiving a call from the Perry County Sheriff’s Office a few hours later, the mother recounted the disconcerting news that her son had been a victim of sexual assault at the facility. She expressed her bewilderment, stating that no specific details were provided about the incident.

In response to the allegations, Karen Brown issued a statement acknowledging the staff misconduct and the immediate termination of the involved employee. The Perry County Sheriff’s Department took over the investigation, with no further comments at the time.

The mother disclosed that her attempts to extract information from her son about the incident were futile due to privacy constraints at the facility. Her son, charged with receiving stolen property—a motor vehicle—had been at the facility since early July.

Several days after the reported incident, the mother asserted that her son was relocated to another facility. She is currently in the process of hiring an attorney because she is frustrated with the lack of information despite numerous calls to the sheriff’s office.

In an attempt to gather more details, a news team from 10TV contacted the Perry County Sheriff’s Office. However, only limited information was provided through two documents, citing the constraints imposed by the active and ongoing nature of the investigation.

Expressing disbelief, the mother emphasized the unexpected nature of such incidents happening to any child in any facility. She also mentioned that her son got released on Tuesday from the facility he had been transferred to. She is actively seeking answers about the details of what occurred.



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