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King County Jail: Former Officer Mosses Ramos, Co-Conspirators Face Charges

05 Nov 2023, Jail News, by brian

Former King County Jail officer Mosses Ramos and co-conspirators were indicted for a drug smuggling operation.

King County Jail: Former Officer Mosses Ramos, Co-Conspirators Face Charges - Inmate Lookup

An incident has come to light at the King County Jail. Mosses Ramos, a former corrections officer at this facility, stands accused of smuggling drugs into the jail. 

According to Tessa Gorman, the acting U.S. attorney for the Western District of Washington, Ramos, a 39-year-old resident of Milton, Washington, is believed to have accepted bribes to bring illicit substances, specifically methamphetamine and fentanyl, to two prisoners between March and May of this year, receiving payment of around $5,000.

This case has led to the indictment of six individuals, raising concerns about the security and integrity of the King County Jail. Among those indicted are two inmates already serving sentences in this facility. Additionally, three co-conspirators associated with the prisoners are also implicated in this operation.

The FBI worked closely with King County law enforcement on the investigation, Gorman stated. She emphasized the importance of ensuring accountability when entrusted individuals betray the public’s trust. She noted that, especially in public corruption cases, those who have taken oaths to protect and serve the community must be held accountable when they abuse their authority.

Four accused made their initial appearances in the U.S. District Court on Thursday. Mosses Ramos, along with the alleged co-conspirators Neca Silvestre and Kayara Zepeda Montero, pleaded not guilty to the charges brought against them. Katrina Cazares, another alleged conspirator, refrained from entering a plea due to the absence of her attorney during the court proceedings. Gorman noted that there was no request for detention, resulting in the release of the accused individuals.

The two inmates involved, Michael Anthony Barquet and Francisco Montero, who were already incarcerated at the King County Jail, are scheduled to make their court appearances at a later date.

The trial is scheduled for January 8, 2024.

In the wake of this incident, statements of support and praise have emerged from Dennis Folk, president of the King County Corrections Guild, and from King County Executive Dow Constantine. 

Dow highlighted the collaborative efforts involving the FBI, the United States Attorney’s Office, the King County Sheriff’s Office, and the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention, acknowledging that the collaboration enabled them to broaden their internal investigation, resulting in the indictments efficiently.