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Jason Richard Budrow faces charges for alleged attack on Paul Ruben Flores at Pleasant Valley State Prison

09 Jan 2024, Jail News, by

Jason Richard Budrow, a convicted killer, denies responsibility for an attack on Paul Ruben Flores, the man who murdered Kristin Smart.

Jason Richard Budrow faces charges for alleged attack on Paul Ruben Flores at Pleasant Valley State Prison - Inmate Lookup

Jason Richard Budrow, a California-convicted killer, is being charged with attacking the man responsible for the death of Kristin Smart.

Authorities claim that Budrow was responsible for the murders of an innocent woman and his infamous cellmate in the past before attempting to harm Paul Ruben Flores.

In court on Monday, Budrow, represented by public defender Earl Horner IV, denied responsibility for the attack last summer at Pleasant Valley State Prison.

Public defender Earl Horner IV requested that the judge acknowledge the receipt of the felony complaint, enter pleas of not guilty, and deny any and all allegations and enhancements.

According to the Fresno County District Attorney’s Office, Budrow allegedly used an “inmate-manufactured weapon” to stab Flores’ neck at approximately ten o’clock in the morning.

A convicted killer, Flores murdered Kristin Smart, who was only 19 years old and a freshman at Cal Poly State University in San Luis Obispo. After attending an off-campus party, she vanished.

After more than twenty years had passed, a jury found that Flores was responsible for Smart’s death, despite the fact that her body had never been located.

Flores was transported to the state jail in Coalinga in the middle of August, according to KEYT, a news media outlet. He is currently under a sentence of 25 years to life.

Budrow allegedly attacked him on August 23, which led to his transfer to the Community Regional Medical Center in downtown Fresno for treatment. Flores survived the attack.

Other crimes

On the other hand, Roger Kibbe, the notorious I-5 Strangler, did not survive when Budrow attacked him two years ago. Budrow strangled the 81-year-old, who was serving multiple life sentences at Mule Creek State Prison near Sacramento.

Budrow’s second murder conviction and second life sentence resulted from Kibbe’s killing. In addition, he was already serving a life sentence in prison for the murder of his ex-girlfriend in 2010.

Facing additional charges for attempted murder, assault, and possessing a weapon in jail, Budrow could be sentenced to over 27 years in prison if convicted, in addition to his two life sentences.

In court on Monday, two armed guards flanked him, and he was relocated away from the other inmates in the courtroom.

Fresno County Superior Court Judge William Terrence asked Budrow if he agreed to enter into a general time waiver, to which Budrow affirmed, “That’s correct.”

Finally, Budrow is scheduled to appear in court again on March 11.