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Inmate mix-up, mistaken release of Devonne Tyrae Sias from Oklahoma County Detention Center

12 Dec 2023, Jail News, by

Mix-up at Oklahoma County Detention Center leads to the accidental release of Devonne Tyrae Sias, who impersonated Kittakone Sirisombath.

Inmate mix-up, mistaken release of Devonne Tyrae Sias from Oklahoma County Detention Center - Inmate Lookup

Oklahoma City Police have successfully apprehended an Oklahoma County jail inmate, Devonne Tyrae Sias, who was mistakenly released earlier this week, and he is currently back in custody.

According to officials at the Oklahoma County Detention Center, the released inmate had managed to impersonate another individual scheduled for release, and this deception went unnoticed by the facility’s staff.

Kittakone Sirisombath, had expected to be released on Monday after settling outstanding traffic tickets. However, despite the supposed lifting of the hold on his release, a different inmate, Sias, was mistakenly released, having successfully assumed Sirisombath’s identity.

The Oklahoma County jail authorities took several hours to realize the error, leaving Sirisombath frustrated with the additional time spent in custody.

Sirisombath, expressing his discontent with the experience of being confined for two and a half days, emphasized that conditions in jail are not suitable for human dwelling. Initially detained for unpaid traffic fines, he promptly paid the required fees, expecting a smooth release process.

Mark Opgrande from the Oklahoma County Detention Center acknowledged that Sias managed to deceive the system by assuming Sirisombath’s identity. Opgrande noted that, although there may have been some physical similarities between the two, the jail staff did not follow standard operating procedures. He underscored the importance of specific checks, verification of paperwork, and fingerprint tests to ensure accurate identification before releasing an inmate.

In this mix-up, Devonne Tyrae Sias, who should have been incarcerated for charges related to larceny, drugs, and weapons, walked out of jail, leaving Sirisombath behind bars. Sirisombath recounted the frustration of waiting for attention for an additional nine hours before finally being released.

The Oklahoma County Detention Center confirmed the termination of the individual responsible for the mistaken release, and an ongoing investigation is underway to determine the precise circumstances surrounding the incident.