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Inmate Charles Young Medical Struggle Spotlights Healthcare Deficiencies at SMCI

10 Nov 2023, Jail News, by brian

Charles Young’s ongoing health concerns expose deficiencies in medical care and healthcare practices at SMCI.

Inmate Charles Young Medical Struggle Spotlights Healthcare Deficiencies at SMCI - Inmate Lookup

Charles Young, an inmate at the South Mississippi Correctional Institute (SMCI), reported significant delays in receiving medical care for health issues. Initially, Young complained of urinating blood and severe pain on his left side in September. Months later, he is still in pain, exhausted, and has lost his appetite.

Young was transported to a urologist in October, and the specialist recommended a follow-up procedure called a scope to identify the root cause of his problems. Nearly a month later, Young is still determining when or if the procedure will take place.

According to Young, the urologist mentioned the possibility of a bladder tumor.

Young’s complaints coincided with an existing lawsuit against the Mississippi Department of Corrections and VitalCore, its medical care contractor. Disability Rights Mississippi filed the suit in 2021, alleging neglect of treatment, medication, and medical equipment for incarcerated individuals, leading to worsened health conditions and even death.

The company’s procedures ensure that patients have equal access to specialist care as other Mississippi citizens, VitalCore’s Mississippi Medical Director, Dr. Raman Singh, claimed.

The case highlights instances where delayed diagnoses resulted in tragic outcomes, echoing Young’s experience of prolonged suffering without adequate medical attention. The lawsuit also spotlighted a case at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Pearl, where a woman’s delayed diagnosis led to her death despite numerous complaints and sick calls.

VitalCore and the Mississippi Department of Corrections refuted the majority of the charges.

Young, serving a 20-year sentence in SMCI with a tentative release date of 2033, claimed to have earned time off through educational programs and prison jobs and is expected to be released early in three years.

Young described his persistent physical pain as debilitating, fueling concerns about a potential cancer diagnosis.