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Inmate Ashley Jo Raisbeck dies in Jefferson County Jail, prompting investigation

19 Dec 2023, Jail News, by

CIRT is looking into the death of Ashley Jo Raisbeck, an inmate who collapsed in Jefferson County Jail after routine medical rounds.

Inmate Ashley Jo Raisbeck dies in Jefferson County Jail, prompting investigation - Inmate Lookup

An ongoing investigation has been launched in response to the recent in-custody death of 27-year-old Ashley Jo Raisbeck at the Jefferson County Jail on Saturday.

The incident unfolded during routine rounds by medical staff assigned to inmates participating in the detox program. Raisbeck, displaying signs of disorientation, was promptly transported to the jail’s medical unit.

Shortly after her arrival, Raisbeck collapsed, but she remained breathing. In an effort to address the situation, medical staff administered three rounds of Narcan. Despite these interventions, her breathing ceased, prompting the immediate initiation of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Paramedics took over the life-saving efforts before transferring her to the hospital. Tragically, she was pronounced deceased upon arrival.

According to the sheriff’s office, Ashley Jo Raisbeck was booked into the Jefferson County Jail on December 13. Wheat Ridge Police had arrested her on a warrant from Lakeside related to false reporting. Having pleaded guilty the next day, she was serving a 28-day sentence at the time of her untimely death.

The investigation into this incident falls under the purview of the First Judicial District Law Enforcement Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT). Meanwhile, the Jefferson County Coroner’s Office is tasked with determining the precise cause of her death.