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Gov. Kay Ivey $5,000 Grant for Prison Body Armor Upgrades

13 Jan 2024, Jail News, by

Alabama correctional officers receive improved protection with Gov. Kay Ivey’s grant for prison body armor.

Gov. Kay Ivey $5,000 Grant for Prison Body Armor Upgrades - Inmate Lookup

On Friday, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey declared a grant of nearly $5,000 for Alabama correctional officer’s prison body armor to the Department of Corrections.

The grant aimed to facilitate the acquisition of upgraded prison body armor for correctional officers stationed in each of the state’s prisons.

In a released statement, Ivey expressed her satisfaction with allocating these funds, stressing the importance of ensuring that the officers are adequately equipped to execute their duties with increased safety. In addition, she highlighted the considerable responsibilities placed on correctional officers, emphasizing the crucial role they play in maintaining the security of the state’s correctional facilities.

The grant, sourced from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs through the U.S. Department of Justice, marks a commitment to bolstering the safety measures for correctional officers. The newly procured vests are meticulously designed to prevent the risk of injuries, providing resilience against ballistic impacts and sharp objects.

Director Kenneth Boswell of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs affirmed the governor’s recognition of the significance of Alabama’s correctional officers and their contributions.

Lastly, he conveyed the agency’s pleasure in participating in a program that directly aids correctional officers in carrying out their responsibilities, as stated in an official release.

Subsequently, Commissioner John Hamm of the Department of Corrections has been duly informed of the approval of the grant. Further reinforcing the collaborative efforts to enhance safety measures for correctional officers across the state.

The state of Alabama currently operates fifteen prisons.