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Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center to close by year-end due to staff shortage

30 Dec 2023, Jail News, by

Chief Judge Melissa Morgan announces the closure of the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center in the face of increasing staff challenges.

Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center to close by year-end due to staff shortage - Inmate Lookup

As a result of a staff shortage, the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center is scheduled to undergo closure by the end of December.

Illinois Second Judicial Circuit Court Chief Judge Melissa A. Morgan issued the news on Friday that the institution will suspend operations as of the 31st of December.

In a statement that was sent by the administrative assistant of the Second Judicial Circuit, it was said that the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center has always been devoted to delivering the best services for the young who have been entrusted to its care, and that dedication has never wavered.

In addition, increasing the number of staff members in juvenile detention facilities is going to be necessary in order to satisfy the mandated increased programming goals and the new legislation that is connected to confined juveniles. Regrettably, manpower shortages have become increasingly difficult to handle, along with a large number of other businesses and institutions located around the state.

In spite of the fact that the institution has made significant progress in terms of providing services, the overall conditions in these trying times mean that it is necessary to close down. Chief Judge Morgan stated that he believed that this particular course of action is in the best interest of the staff, juveniles, and communities that they serve.

Chief Judge Morgan, on behalf of the facility’s administration, expressed their appreciation for the dedication, support, and excellent service shown by the staff over the years. He also expressed his appreciation for the support of the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, the Franklin County Board, and the local community leaders.

Employees at the factory have been informed of the planned closure, and they will get compensation for an additional thirty days, according to the statement distributed by the Illinois Second Judicial Circuit.



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