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Flock Cameras Aid in Tracking Bibb County Jail Escapees

02 Dec 2023, Uncategorized, by

Sheriff David Davis hails Flock License Plate Recognition cameras as a key tool in tracking down inmates who escaped from Bibb County Jail.

Flock Cameras Aid in Tracking Bibb County Jail Escapees - Inmate Lookup

Sheriff David Davis recognized the Flock License Plate Recognition cameras as a crucial tool in locating the inmates who escaped from Bibb County Jail in October.

Bibb County’s Flock system isn’t up and running yet, but they made use of data from other Georgia counties to track down the escapees.

Holly Beilin, from Flock Safety, explained that when a vehicle passes, the Flock cameras capture a picture of the rear end of the vehicle and license plate and then identify details about the vehicle, such as the make, model, and color.

Beilin stated that the License Plate Recognition (LPR) system helps track down wanted individuals, such as the four Bibb County Jail inmates who escaped.

The car used in the escape, a blue Dodge Challenger, not only led to the recapture of the inmates but also aided in identifying accomplices and gang members. Beilin further explained that law enforcement is then able to use the LPR system, which is connected across counties and throughout the state, to look for suspect vehicles.

The state awarded a public safety grant of $1.5 million to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office in June. Davis mentioned they are investing in around 100 cameras, and since then, the agency has been registered and gained access to statewide Flock cameras.

Sheriff Davis said that they used cameras from surrounding counties, such as Augusta-Richmond County and the Atlanta metro area, which were very helpful in capturing Johnifer Barnwell. The investigation also led them to Jacorshia Smith and Janecia Green, who were swapping cars while visiting Barnwell in Augusta.

The Bibb County Sheriff’s Office’s goal is to have the cameras set up and operational early next year, expecting to achieve this goal by March 2024, Sheriff Davis shared.

He expressed the hope that the cameras will not only help solve crimes but also assist in finding missing people.