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Fire erupts in Fulton County Jail, promptly subdued without injuries

02 Jan 2024, Jail News, by

The Atlanta Fire Department and prison staff are able to put out a fire that starts in an inmate’s cell at Fulton County Jail.

Fire erupts in Fulton County Jail, promptly subdued without injuries - Inmate Lookup

According to officials, an inmate at the Fulton County Jail in Atlanta set fire to his cell; however, the fire was promptly put out, and no one was hurt as a result of the incident.

Staff members at the county jail put out the fire.

The Atlanta Fire Department was also dispatched to the location of the incident. There was no clear indication as to how the prisoner started the fire.

According to the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office, which spoke with a news outlet, WSB-TV, on Sunday, fifteen inmates were moved to a different section of the jail; however, none of them required medical attention as a result of the incident.

Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat expressed pride in the dedication and capability of the women and men in the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to maintain order in challenging circumstances. Labat emphasized that the safety and security of the detainees under their care are top priorities, as stated in a released statement.

The inmate accused of igniting the fire faced charges of arson and causing damage to the county jail property.



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