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East Baton Rouge District Attorneys Office Seek Adult Jail Transfer for Teen Escapee David Atkins

28 Nov 2023, Jail News, by

Baton Rouge prosecutors filed a motion to move David Atkins, the teen who escaped juvenile detention twice, to an adult prison.

East Baton Rouge District Attorneys Office Seek Adult Jail Transfer for Teen Escapee David Atkins - Inmate Lookup

The East Baton Rouge District Attorney’s Office took swift action to request a transfer of the teenage escapee, David Atkins, to an adult jail on the very day he was captured after his initial breakout from juvenile detention.

According to court records, prosecutors formally requested the transfer of Atkins to the custody of the East Baton Rouge Parish Prison on Nov. 16.

After escaping juvenile jail on Nov. 14 and being recaptured two days later, Atkins managed to break free once again on Nov. 25, along with another detainee facing murder charges. Assistant District Attorney Danielle Breaux, representing District Attorney Hillar Moore, emphasized Atkins’ eligibility for transfer to an adult detention facility in the filing.

Despite Atkins’ eligibility, records indicate that a hearing on this transfer motion is scheduled for late February, raising questions about its relevance as David Atkins will turn 18 in January, automatically qualifying for transfer.

While the parish prison can accept inmates under 18 under specific conditions, it falls short of meeting all requirements, leading to the retention of minor offenders at the juvenile facility unless the court intervenes, Moore shared with WBRZ on Monday.

Moore explained that they have to wait until someone turns 18 to move them to the parish prison or until the court orders a 17- or 16-year-old who has been charged with a violent crime to be transferred to the parish prison. He has also expressed concerns about the inadequacies of the juvenile detention center, engaging in discussions on the matter with Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome and Sheriff Sid Gautreaux.

Currently, Moore’s primary focus is on the recapture of the two escapees, and he remains hopeful that they will surrender peacefully to prevent any harm or injury.