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Decreasing recidivism at Gallatin County Detention Center, success with evidence-based programs

15 Dec 2023, Jail News, by

Gallatin County Detention Center distinguishes itself by placing inmate programs at the center of its operation.

Decreasing recidivism at Gallatin County Detention Center, success with evidence-based programs - Inmate Lookup

A local news outlet visited the Gallatin County Detention Center, examining the distinctive programs and services it offers.

Reverend Roxanne Klingensmith, who has volunteered at the jail for nearly 19 years, expresses the center’s overarching goal, stating that the great desire of the Gallatin County Detention Center is to work to have people who come in the facility and leave better.

In Klingensmith’s view, the facility stands out as the premier detention center in Montana, not due to its cost but because it has been purposefully crafted to assist individuals during their time in confinement, enabling them to emerge better equipped to face the future.

Jail Commander Jackie Keery elaborates on the center’s approach, citing a multitude of programs and the involvement of 140 volunteers. Through evidence-based initiatives, the center has successfully reduced recidivism significantly, from 35% to 15%.

Keery mentioned that their sheriff wanted programs to be the center of what went on when this building was built. She mentioned having resources for education, spirituality, addiction, parenting, anger management, and any other life skills that could benefit individuals in the future.

She clarifies that the Gallatin County Detention Center, which is a jail and not a prison, primarily deals with short-term stays. The focus is on intervening early in individuals’ journeys, assisting them before they escalate to more severe offenses. The aim is to provide support when they are making poor decisions and guide them toward a more positive path.

Klingensmith underscores the benefits of the center, noting that inmates have access to enriching classes and opportunities they might not have encountered otherwise. She emphasizes the positive impact of connecting with people who genuinely care about their well-being.