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$20 Million lawsuit alleges suicide of Deputy Arturo Atilano-Valadez resulted from mandatory overtime

09 Dec 2023, Jail News, by

The family of Arturo Atilano-Valadez, a LASD deputy who died by suicide, takes legal action against L.A. County and the Sheriff’s Department.

$20 Million lawsuit alleges suicide of Deputy Arturo Atilano-Valadez resulted from mandatory overtime - Inmate Lookup

The family of Los Angeles sheriff’s deputy Arturo Atilano-Valadez, who committed suicide last month, filed a precursor to a lawsuit against L.A. County and the sheriff’s department, stating that they believe mandatory overtime was a factor in his death.

According to his family, Atilano-Valadez served as a deputy for over 21 years, spending the last 12 as a jail guard, where he was required to work prolonged overtime. Attorney Brad Gage, representing the deputy’s family, claims that Atilano-Valadez repeatedly sought a transfer from the jail due to the stressful conditions but was denied by the department.

Blaming Sheriff Robert Luna for her husband’s death, Michele Atilano-Valadez conveyed her concerns about the impact of mandatory overtime during her husband’s service.

Gage initiated a $20 million wrongful death lawsuit against the county and the sheriff’s department, emphasizing that the shortage of deputies poses a “life or death situation.”

Speaking at a Friday news conference, Gage said that deputies are compelled to work an unsafe amount of overtime, endangering both themselves and others.

In addition, Gage is also defending the family of Deputy Ryan Clinkunbroomer, who was shot and killed in Palmdale earlier this year. Gage attributes Clinkunbroomer’s death to working excessive overtime hours because he was too exhausted to notice warning signs about the shooter that could have prevented his death.

Gage referenced a distressing trend, citing last month when four sheriff’s deputies committed suicide on the same day, claiming at least eight suicides within the department this year alone. Although Gage suggests a potentially higher number, the department has not disclosed exact figures.

A newsgroup sought the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department’s comments on the Atilano-Valadez case, but the response solely addressed Clinkunbroomer’s death. The Sheriff’s Department expressed condolences and said that they continue to mourn his death and are committed to securing a successful prosecution for Clinkunbroomer’s murder.